NEC PC Engine/Turbografx |OT| – No friends to bring controllers? No problem!


That’s correct. Same pinout as a Genesis 2 SCART cable.

I thought the prototype video had been linked in this thread.


Yep. Though there is a minor mod to get rid of jailbars if one is interested.


Well, I’m down the rabbit hole now. I bought a Core Grafx off eBay since they have a coupon today ($15USD off anything $75USD or more). Will need a cheap HuCard to test it, and a replacement PSU… Damn, I’m excited now.


I might wait on a nicer looking, possibly smaller version etc, but damn by beautiful RGB duo and decent sized game collection may end up sitting on the shelf permanently. Having the whole library running natively on the tiny original whitey PCE would be very cool.


I jumped on that too. Ended up getting an RGB modded Core Grafx unit anyway because it has the jailbar fix and sync cleaner.


I have lost track of where the Super SD System 3 is as far as video output goes. It sounds like there is some revising going on. The issue is that a “proper” Megadrive 2 SCART cable has circuitry in it to adjust brightness (due to design flaw of original RGB output on the console), and so this has resulted in a last minute change on some/all(?) of the first and/or second shipments to make the system match the MD2’s inaccurate video specs. The concern was that people using a new passthrough cable which has a MD2 pinout will have a dim picture. All of this makes me wish they’d just used a different pinout instead of leading people to use MD2 cables which may or may not have been created ‘properly’ aka to compensate for out of spec video.

Anyhow, somebody should probably figure this out and clarify. I’m just going to keep waiting this out for now.


I believe, according to the recently posted manual and the Shmups forum that they’ve got it sorted to output for a standard Mega Drive 2 SCART cable. I have one of those, so I can certainly let everyone on here know how it looks once I get my unit.


Just got some stuff in:


Image Fight is great and I think it’s an underrated gem in the pc engine’s library


I’m just going to add that I really love Dragon Spirit, both it and its sequel are fantastic shooters.


So I recently got a PC engine interface unit with a Coregrafx and a CD-ROM2 for cheap off a lucky ebay auction. Previously I’ve only had a regular white PCE. Being able to play games on the Coregrafx in AV is so nice compared to antenna.

As for the CD unit itself, it powers on, the motor whirs, but (as is common with these units), the middle gear on it yellowed and oxidized. The teeth on the gear were stripped, and when I tapped it with my screwdriver it cracked in half! So now I’m just waiting for that replacement gear so I can play a burn of Rondo of Blood.




That’s actually the exact site I used 2 days ago. Fingers crossed it gets here fast. I’ll try and finish Side Arms in the meantime.


Well, the intermittent issue with my Keith Courage modded Turbo Duo where the display will sometimes lose color and go to black and white is back in force (a problem I used to post about on the GAF PCE Community). It hadn’t happened for several months but about 30 min ago after playing Gradius 2 I put the game away and decided to boot up Super Star Soldier. After inserting the Hucard and turning the system back on there is no color, just black and white with audio. Just in case I tried some a different Hucard, reinserted all inputs going both into my TV and into the system and both Hucards and the Super CD menu are staying black and white. Before when this would happen reinserting the cords would help get the color back but not this time. Unless I have a bad video cord or my Plasma’s s-video is somehow going out (it’s a 2007 Hitachi 1080p) I don’t know what else it could be other than the system needing to be looked at. Also posted this on the RGB Discord. Any thoughts or suggestions? What is the best way to get back in touch with Keith Courage?


Weird, is it RGB or component? It makes some sense with component since the Y signal is B/W.


He modded it for both RGB and s-video. I don’t have an RGB compatible display (I’m hoping to get a Framemeister in the next few months) so I’ve been using s-video along with the standard AV red/white output for stereo and mono audio. Also, I play my SNES and Saturn in s-video on the same TV and have never had this issue with either of them.


Ah well S-video has B/W separately too, so likely the colour line is iffy on the S-video mod. RGB may still be fine if you find a way to test it?


Unfortunately I don’t currently have a way to test the RGB. I’ve been playing Gradius 2 for the last few weeks with zero issues, I stop playing it tonight to switch out another game and boom, no more color. Based on what you’re saying the s-video mod must need to be looked at but another thing I noticed is that the system doesn’t seem to do regular AV video if I unplug the s-video cord and plug in the yellow AV video output instead.


Yeah it seems modded video lines are iffy. The system itself is surely fine given you still get a b/w picture, which much be generated from RGB internally anyway.


Yeah, I’m going to get in touch with him soon to get this sorted out. Like you said I’m sure the system itself is fine.