Favourite Mini Console

I‘ve yet to buy one myself but I’ve played the SNES at a friend’s place and it worked OK except for the stupidly short cables. Also saw the Mega Drive and NES at another mate’s place today and they looked pretty cool and wouldn’t mind having one under the TV.

What has been the best pickup for you (if any)?

I’ve had the SNES Classic, NEOGEO Mini and PC Engine Mini.

My favourite is the PC Engine Mini because I never owned one back in the day and I’ve always wanted to dip into its library of games beyond for few I picked up on Wii Virtual Console.

I own the SNES, MD, NES, PCE and PSX Minis.

Out of the box for playing with (no hacks) the only good one is the SNES Mini, all the others are kind of junk due to poor emulation.

As collectibles they’re all great however and the MD (Japanese) and PCE Minis are fantastic sources of ROMs for some very expensive games.

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If you’re going to do emulation, the PS1 is the most powerful of them in terms of horsepower.

I turned my Playstation Classic into a great emulation machine, some of the best 20 euros I’ve ever spent. Didn’t even get those OTG adapters or USB drives attached, just removed the internal games, made it boot into Retroarch directly and made myself library with games that I wanted, not that shitty selection with PAL games. Now it’s a Playstation Classic NEOGEO Arcade Genesis NES SNES PC Engine Mini.

Overlays to fill the black bars from the aspect ratio and scanlines are also great additions that the default emulator lacks. It also has about 14gb usable internal memory so it was more than enough for me to fit my favourite classic games from across many generations.


Nice! Looks great.

This is what I’ve had planned for my playstation mini for a few months now. Looking great, without all the extra wire/dongle fuss. First step is actually taking it out of the packaging I guess. Something I haven’t actually done yet.

What controller do you use?

I’m using the ones that came with the console but basically any controller should work in Retroarch, I only tried Dualshock 3 and 4 and they were working.

SNES Mini is the best one out of the box. The emulation is great, the horizontal interpolation is fantastic, it’s an almost perfectly conceived and delivered product with a knockout lineup.

PCE next probably? Has crappy shimmer with no interpolation though, lame. M2 what you doin.

The others can be hacked to be good by now I guess?

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While the NES Classic has its own set of issues I was impressed by how the TV filter helped some of the graphics of the games appear like they were intended (as “dot point” art rather than a grid of squares) (source), at least if you were playing on Composite.

How was it on the SNES Classic?

Got Famicom, SNES, PCE, MD and PS. Genuinely like them all, especially after modding, but got to agree the SNES mini is the best overall package out of the box, despite the fewest games. Just great physical hardware, UI, emulation and a fairly peerless game selection.

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I bagged a MD mini and the tower and it looks great. I have no intention of getting many of them, because of space and emulation, but I love the feel of having a proper MD controller in the hand and the front end options are nice. One thing that bother me though is that the audio seem out of sync with the video, by just a touch and it seems to bug me no end.
Could it be I just spent too long playing Sonic the Hedgehog? Yes. However I also think that something like that should’ve been picked up before production, especially since the conversions on 3ds and other formats are very good.

I also wonder… is it just me or mine. Other’s experiences and feedback would be most welcome.

I’ve heard about it from elsewhere

I remember a Digital Foundry video talking about that. I think they used Mega Man as an egregious example (unless I am confusing it for input lag).

It does have bad audio delay. Not noticeable in some games but ones with a short jump or shoot sound.

M2 are not longer the greats of emulation IMO.

Ah that sucks. 'twas hoping it was mine ears. Thanks for the sad confirmation.
Be nice if they uploaded a firmware update or something.
I wonder if the firmware hack corrects it? Like installing retroarch or something. (I’ve not don much looking into MD firmware hacks)

I have the SNES, Genesis, NES, C64, and PS1.

SNES mini is easily the best choice for me. The controllers are fantastic, the emulation is great, and it’s super easy to hack and load up with a bunch of games from SNES and NES.

That said, an even better setup if you’re really just wanting one machine would be a raspi with a nice 8bitdo worked controller. Play everything for around the same price.

The thought of setting up and maintaining a raspi gives me shivers.

I think they’re great. I think the issue here is that they probably had much less capable hardware and stricter deadlines. These mini consoles tend to need to be done by holidays. Plus it’s tons of games as well.

Not as much TLC as the SEGA stuff on Switch.