NEC PC Engine/Turbografx |OT| – No friends to bring controllers? No problem!


some will have data corruption. My side arms does just that and is now an unplayable piece of junk


Can anyone recommend a service for recapping the pc engine cd? I tried one off of ebay, and the asshole only replaced half of the capacitors because he claimed only half of them go bad. He was wrong and now I’ve got an exploded cap on my board. I scrapped off the acid that leaked and solidified onto the board, but I only have the solder skills to fix the one that popped and I’d like to do it all. :rage:


Ben (twitter handle @ifixretro, ) is quick and fairly priced. He does really good modwork. I was freaking out the first time I sent something to him. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly he got everything done. I have been so busy lately, I was going to send him some other mods I thought about doing myself.


Thanks. Turns out it might just have been glue on it, but it was having small graphical glitches and freezing a lot. After I opened it up and poked everything it started working again, but I might send it anyways to fully cap the other half.


Yea I don’t have many FDS games, but they all work perfectly.


If you don’t mind telling who was the modder?


Turbografxfan. Like I said, system appears to be fine now so I can’t fault him too much, but only doing a partial recap rubbed me the wrong way (For the record, no mods were done). Hopefully he’s not anybody here. :sweat_smile:


No worries. I don’t think he is. I usually hear good things about his work so I was surprised to hear a complaint. Thanks for sharing.


He’s never had a single complaint on his ebay, so I think maybe I was just too wishy washy and should have been more clear that I wanted all caps done.


I probably should boot up my duo tonight with all this talk. It was recapped, but i havent had real game time with…well anything in awhile.


Finally got one of my faves


Very nice. How’s it compare to the Sega cd version?


There’s no Sega CD version, or US version at all, just a Mega Drive cart version in Japan and PAL. The PAL version has the legendary ‘All your base’ Engrish intro.

Super CD version has slightly nicer graphics, nicer intro and an arranged CD soundtrack. I can’t decide which soundtrack I prefer though, Zero Wing is one of those games that gets the best out of the Mega Drive, really punchy arcade style with none of the bad ‘crunch’ noise that some MD games have.


I’ve got an OG white PC Engine getting delivered to me from eBay today… Going to order a SSDS3 soon and I just received FirebrandX’s audio board mod to fix the CD audio distortion in it. This will be my first time owning a NEC console, my friend owned a TurboGrafx 16 when we were kids and I was jealous.


Lovely opening image! The PC engine is such an engineering marvel whenever I look at how small and aesthetically pleasing it is. Though it’s a shame one of my favourite games ever, Gradius II, requires the CD add-on.


How’s the gradius 3 port compare to the snes version?


If I remember correctly, the SNES version was the only home console conversion of III. III was the one with a lot of slowdown right, much of which wasn’t intentional during busy scenes or anything?


I recently got TG16 running nicely in my Wii. Trying out a few games, and decided to give Galaga '90 a try… It’s really good!

Much easier than the original, but still very cool in its own right.


Yeah there’s no other port. PCE has 1 and 2, not 3. There was a release of III and IV on PS2, 480i though bleugh.

3 was a near launch Super Fami, lots of slowdown as devs hadn’t worked out the system yet. Incredibly tough game too.

I prefer it to the arcade version though, it has chunkier, less dinly graphics and a better soundtrack.


The only way I can get through Gradius games is with save states. I cannot stand dying and starting right before a boss with literally zero power ups.