NEC PC Engine/Turbografx |OT| – No friends to bring controllers? No problem!


I’m all in on Gomola Speed at the moment. Area 9 so far.

Playing on my Wii using a Classic Controller Pro. And N3DS when mobile.


I did a battle of the Ports on Zero Wing. I recall optiing for the Mega Drive version due to the intro, music and parallax graphics. I still own both though :stuck_out_tongue:


What would be the better buy right now? An SSDS3 or a modded Duo R? The price will be around the same give or take a few bucks,PC Engines are crazy expensive now! And I’ll have to buy another set of RGB cables (the DUO I’m buying includes some).

I like the convenience of having all the cd games available to try (I can do that on my Wii too though) instead of taking the time to burn a disc. But the Duo R looks badass and there are no audio/video issues like the SSDS3.


I’m waiting for the MiSTer. The cost of the mister and io board and cable is peanuts compared to the other options. The FBX audio mod and RGB bypass is supposed to correct everything. Honestly, at this point someone will likely make a better version of the ssds3. I’d probably get the duo and burn the discs until a good PC Engine solution comes.


Video/audio issues would be a deal killer for me.


then get the DUO RX which is the later and last model and I’d say has the least amount of worries regarding capacitor replacement etc

It also has much higher back up RAM for saves so you won’t have much issues over managing what save files to delete etc


AFAIK the only meaningful difference between Duo R and RX is that the RX came with a 6 button pad.

Both have reliable capacitors.


I’m sure I read that the Duo RX had more backup RAM too but I can’t seem to find the article… :confused:


Could have been some kind of old wiki stub that’s been removed


I don’t know how that would work because everything else that enables more saves has separate banks for RAM. The Ten no Koe Bank for example has 4 RAM banks.

One really nice thing about the Super SD System 3 from that perspective is that it saves each game a RAM bank which is backed up to the SD card + restored on game load so you don’t have any save limits on it.


I only have the Tenokoe cards and Memory base 128 unit.

when you are just playing pc engine CD-rom games like Brandish for example;

you are only given 2 save spots; file1 and file2

When you connect something like a memory base 128 unit and for a game that supports it. Brandish will give you 12 save spots


Please ignore the name of the files. My capture card I have to manually name my save files…


Clearly I am not as versed in PC engine hardware as you as I had no idea that device existed.

Seems like @A_Black_Falcon has us covered with tons of detail about PC engine save devices here.

It seems that most devices + the Duo line all have 2kb of save memory divided into 2000 blocks, with the TnK Bank having 4 banks of 2000 blocks. The Memory Base 128 you have has 64 banks of 2000 blocks, which some games like Brandish can access directly to enable a larger number of saves.

That’s very cool, but unfortunately the RX doesn’t have it built in. :frowning:


I just received my SSDS3 and I have the audio mod from FBX that I need to install… Video looks crisp on my PVM already.


Damn,nice. I’m really liking my Duo but having to burn the games I want to play is annoying as hell. Doesnt allow much room for trying out new stuff.


Does the DUO R have the same cap issues all the other cd units do? Eyeing a replacement unit on ebay because my interface unit died on me and I just want less pains in the butt.


Duo-R does not have the cap issues of the DUO.


so my everdrive 2.0 finally showed! looks sharp too

bad news is it doesn’t play well with my doujindace modded duo-r…it’s a known issue on krikzz forum, looks like the region switch i wanna say.

my last roommate’s older everdrive had none of these issues, so currently weighing trying to see if he’d trade or if i can find someone out here/local to do the fix


I sent my SSDS3 out to have Voultar’s RGB board and FBX’s audio board installed on it… once that gets back to me, everything will finally be perfect. Although until they fix it in a firmware update, the intro movie in Popful Mail is still broken on that.


I think CDDA is still reversed too on it, but supposedly that’s been fixed in beta firmware, that they’re sitting on wait to release for ??reasons???.


Who did you send it out to to perform that? I have a FBX board, want to get the Voultar one too and have this done by a pro myself.


Mobius Strip Technologies. Very nice guy, does great work.