NES/Famicom Appreciation Thread - Playing With Power, Then and Now


Selling it…I think £200 is a fair price for it along with a retrogamingcables scart lead, dogbone pad and UK PSU. Got it on eBay right now as a bundle with an Everdrive N8 (and 8gb SD) for £299.99 but no ones bit yet despite three watchers.

The old Famicom has done me well, and I’ll be making a profit on it in any case (£70 for the console plus £70 for the NESRGB board as I modded it myself). Just can’t resist going for the NT whilst I can!

It’ll be an awesome GB/GBC/Atari machine for use on my CRT too with the kevtris firmware.

Edit: oh if anyone here wants it, I’m happy to sell it here!


Possibly. :thinking: I’ll pm you after thinking it over.


Heh well let me know.

Anyhow…holy crap at the shipping speed!!

Looks like it’ll be here tomorrow!


Hi Rich, any pictures of the AV Famicom? Might be interested.


Sure! Just sent you a PM.

Would rather not deal with eBay if possible, so I’m happy to sell on here and ship to the US.


Update: the NT Mini has been delivered, and my AV Famicom just sold on eBay! Yay, what good timing.

What isn’t as good timing is me being stuck at work for another four hours. Lame. But at least I have it for the new years three day weekend! Will post impressions later.




What a stunning piece of kit. It’s honestly the single most premium feeling/looking hardware I think I’ve ever owned.

Seriously impressed. And it works like a dream, especially with the extra firmware. So many options. And perfect compatibility so far. Beats the OG console+OSSC hands down.

Very very happy. Can’t wait to pick up a vga-scart cable tomorrow to give it a go on my CRT! Game Boy Color games are gonna be incredible on that.


Looks awesome, congrats!


Posting from the derailed box protectors thread:

Chack’n Pop and Bubble Bobble for Famicom.


Fantastic. Love that stuff. I realize that game is not all that great, but I love these early FC games with some historical significance or ties, and I really love the box art and numbered boxes/carts. So highly collectible…


Never knew Bobble Bobble 1 was a FDS release and not a cart in Japan.


Cross posting from the pickup thread. Best CIB get in a while.


It actually came in a pencil case bag:

The version I have is a hybrid of that one (with disk case label) and the FDS download kiosk version, which comes with a normal sized manual, and combined they make the closest thing to a ‘normal’ FDS release.


Never knew about the pencil case. That’s pretty cool.


Anyone have a good source for replacement 72 pin connectors that don’t have a death-grip? Pretty sure I screwed up my OEM connector while cleaning it, bought an aftermarket one from Amazon, but the stupid thing is just too damn tight. All my attempts to weaken its grip on my carts have been unsuccessful.


Better advice - just order a cleaned OEM one from a decent seller. That’s what I did after years of using an aftermarket one and it was great. Wish I would have done it earlier.


Thanks, good thought - just ordered one.


Cutting 10NES never hurts either. Between cutting that and a new connector, your deck should be pretty rock solid.


So, I have a new NES plan. Hear me out.

With NES/Fami I mostly collect Famicom. 250+ CIB Fami, but I also have 66 CIB NES, mostly the complete silver Konami set. I’m a complete in box collector for every system, with one exception - Atari VCS. I have a box full of loose Atari carts because it’s just too hard to get decent condition boxes for it. But it’s kinda fun knocking about with loose carts on the Atari, which I did with some friends at a retro party a couple of weeks ago.

So I’m going to start up a loose cart NES collection for those mid-teir, semi-trashy games. Monster Party and Mad Max are my first two, but will get every half-decent licensed game too I reckon, Back to the Future II/III, Friday the 13th etc.

Anyone else mix it up in tiers like that?