What's your retro hardware strategy going forward?

Modded classic consoles, original hardware, premium FPGS consoles, such as Analogues stuff?

I think I’m going forward with a combination of the three. I’ve very excited about the Genesis Classic since SEGA is doing it right this time.

And I heard the PSOne classic is a great emu box. I need to pick on up and mod.

I’m leaning less toward to original hardware with cart-based systems since FPGA systems are really getting better here.

My plan hasn’t changed - original system hardware (RGB modded if necessary, I guess) and a nice CRT. Everdrives and flash based drive replacements too.

If that stuff dies before I do then I’ll go FPGA but probably in the MiSTer-type direction more than the “premium” Analogue systems (I’m already playing roms of my games on original system hardware anyway).

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This is almost my exact plan. Although if my og stuff dies, I may also look into a PC for emulation and PC gaming instead of a MISTer.

If I was starting out I would buy FPGA systems. Since I’m already invested in original hardware I’ll stick with that. I also have redundant hardware from years of thifting and searching.

I own a FrameMeister, just bought a RetroTink 2X, and plan on picking up an OSSC next year so HDMI mods aren’t a big draw.

I own a MiSTer as well so anything from Analogue is a hard sell at the moment.

I have six unique systems I want to pick up before I’m done buying retro hardware:


Other than that more Everdrives. I just received a PSIO and might grab a GDEMU this year.

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This is exactly it.

Downstairs in my main retro setup, I’m RGB modding everything that I can. The goal is to get the best picture out of all my systems (except for the really old ones like 2600, Intellivision etc). I recently got a NESRGB, and next after that will be the N64. The N64 is such a small upgrade to RGB over S-Video, but I want the ease of use having all my systems going through a switch to one input on the TV.

From there, I am working on getting everdrives for all the consoles I use frequently enough to warrant it. GBA and GB are my next ones, then I will probably be done for a while. Sometime down the line, I’d like to add a GG and SMS one to the set.

I prefer a larger consumer CRT, as they are readily available and I’m happy with the picture quality they provide. I can’t see myself enjoying playing on a 14" or a 20". Currently rocking a 27", but I may test out a 32" in the near future to decide how I’m going to build my new entertainment unit.

Upstairs on the 4K TV, I’ve got a NES Classic, SNES Classic, C64 Mini, and PS1 Classic. I also have a pre-order for the Genesis. I use these frequently, and I also have a media PC there for emulation and youtube stuffs. I don’t have any plans at all to go the OSSC route and use an HDTV with my original consoles, as I much prefer playing on a CRT.

If it all goes to shit, I’ll probably go the MiSTer route, so I can have all my systems in one place. Either that, or go back to pure emulation and just shed a tear for the glory days of CRTs.

Only other thing to add, is I would ultimately like to add a really nice PC-based emulation system to the CRT downstairs. I am picking up a free R9 280x from a friend, and I’l build a system out of that with spare parts to run CRT EmuDriver, so I can emulate some of the things I don’t have systems for.

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Original systems via RGB to a crt. When the CRTs are all gone I’ll use an upscaler (but I will be bummed).

When lasers die I’ll grab SD card loaders.

I really feel like when CRTs are no longer available, however, the hobby will not have the same magic, unfortunately.

Grabbing more CRTs feels wise, but I’m not sure whether I should go through all the trouble.

I would love to stockpile like… 5-10 large consumer CRTs, but the wife would kill me. I have one spare 27" now, and I don’t really know where to put it.

I’ve been contemplating this more lately. I feel like I’ve got so much of the stuff I really want now. I’m almost tempted to sell large portions of my collection from certain eras because I feel like I won’t revisit them again much. PlayStation 2, Xbox… sure, certain games are legendary and I’ll keep them, but it’s hard for me to get excited about the originals when so much of it has gotten re-released or remasters.

16 and 32-bit… I will never sell. I play those through the RetroTINK-2x or on a CRT.

My biggest issue atm is time… and the lack of it. I’m also 47. If I have, say, 35 years left here, should I use some of the money from selling to see the world? Buy a cool car? Maybe…

Original hardware for pretty much all consoles, but for NES I wouldn’t mind a RetroUSB AVS or HI Def NES. Everdrives for quite a bit of systems that can do it. Using them all on my capture cards. Get a PC Engine at least and maybe some other retro consoles I have yet to get.

I’m open to (FPGA) recreations of the systems I don’t have, but they have to be faithful to or expand on the original peripheral-wise: I should be able to connect it to a CRT, ideally via RGB, and I should be able to use the original storage, be it cartridges, floppies, or cassettes. I don’t care much about modern enhancements like HDMI out or ROM loading from an SD card: It’s cool to have it for those who want it, but the original features shouldn’t be removed. In that regard I can’t really invest in a Mist/er.

If I didn’t already have a Megadrive and an SNES, and if the DAC was real, I would probably have gotten the Analogue consoles. I kickstarted the ZS Spectrum Next and I’m really hoping someone will be able to make a Neo Geo FPGA clone.

I don’t like stuff a whole lot. So maybe add one more arcade cab to the two I have, in the future.

Run groovymame on them until an FPGA is a solid choice. FPGA for any consoles I may want to play.

Easy peazy.

I’ve made peace with the fact that my backlog grows faster then I an actually playing games, even with me only buying stuff I actually want to play.

For me, I’mma keep doing what I’m doing. Getting the best video out of all the systems I love/have loved. Always on the lookout for more old crts and still want an FV310 along with maybe a more modern one for the ps2/gamecube/xbox stuff. Also keeping my eye on the FPGA stuff since I fully believe that that is the future and am fine with emulation. Love the little mini systems for their novelty/easy of use as well.

Current setup that I’m working on is a handful of retro systems into a gscartsw split off to a BVM and my main tv through an ossc. Designing/building the shelving for it now. Longterm it will probably be more separated with some sort of FPGA setup when that stuff matures more. I still love having all my original hardware but again, emulation is fine as well.

To have less of it, if possible. We’ll see how that actually goes.

Mix of original and FPGA solutions. A legit Polymega-esque device that could hook up to retro sets could be a cool end-game set-up for me.

Original hardware on CRT, RGB or RCA depending the machine.
Do you think one day « some hipsters » will make CRT again, for us ?

They’re still being manufactured in China. You have to order in bulk though.


I’m pretty well set up with real hardware but my long term strategy will probably involve a MiSTer

Original hardware and software, always.

On hardware side, I’m OK. If some breaks, I’ll try to buy one back. On software side, more pick up and play games like fighters and STG (bonus points if it have coop). I want to introduce my hobby to my kid when he’s older. If he don’t care about it, he could sell it or whatever. I don’t see myself playing games when I’m 50.


I have been considering this recently and I decided to sell almost all my old computers, consoles and stuff. I have so much of it that it’s always in the way. I’ll keep the arcade cab I built, and also use my MiSTer going forward.

Well what are we waiting for ? Let’s get a group buy on the go :grinning: