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This thread compiles all of the main OT’s on this forum. If you want to make an OT, and it’s not listed here, go ahead and make it! Post the link/topic in this thread and I, or another mod, will be sure to update the OP. If I missed something please let me know and it wil be added.

Retro console OT’s


Sharp X68000

Commodore 64

90’s PC Gaming




PC Engine / Turbografx



Super Nintendo / Super Famicom

NES / Famicom



Virtual Boy



SEGA Dreamcast

SEGA Saturn

Sega Genesis / Mega Drive

SEGA Game Gear



Neo Geo


Playstation 1

Playstation 2




Atari 2600

Acorn Archimedes




Arcade Game/ PCB

Modern console OT’s








Retro AV

FPGA consoles

Rom dumping / ripping thread

Scanline screenshot thread / 240Porn

Video Game Music

Yellowing old console and how to fix


I’m too lazy to make these threads myself but were there really no OTs for any pre-NES consoles or 8-bit computers at GAF? I remember there being Amiga and Master System OTs.

Generally, no. Even the “Atari OT” listed in the main retro thread was just a post from A Black Falcon saying he liked the Atari. If someone wanted to step up and create an OT for any console, computer or handheld I missed that would be fantastic!

I can make ones for GB platforms as well as another for wonderswan.

I’d also like to do one for Wii U if no one minds.

Once those are done if nobody else has taken them I wouldn’t mind making something for DS + PSP as well.

I would love it if you took those over as well as a Wii U thread ( the switch is set to surpass Wiiu sales in its first year…crazy)

can I put you down for the Gameboy and Wonderswan? If the Ds and PSP are still open at that point you’re welcome to them!

Your Sega CD OT is going to be hard to top but please try your best!

I wrote the N64 OT knowing full well that you people know what an N64 is… so yea… enjoy reading that one.

Yeah put me down for wonderswan and gb and I’ll come back after those are done. Might take a day or so.

Sounds good!

Does the DS and 3DS occupy the same thread?

Hey Neo, I am severely lacking in knowledge of 8 bit computers, and it’s something we’ve wanted to add to the retro AV thread. At least some kind of chart of the most popular ones and the best video signal people can get out of them. Would you be able to help with that? I just need a list of some info and I can make the chart kind of like I did for the console side of things.

I think they should be seperate threads and the 3ds isn’t really retro yet either.

Guess I’ll do the Saturn topic. Gimme a day or two.

Wonderswan thread done: Bandai WonderSwan |OT| - Count on one hand the number of people that will post here

I’ll start on the GB thread but that’s going to take a lot longer, so maybe by tomorrow evening.

I wish I could make an OT, but I am not that creative, lol.

Thank you! Feel free to link to your channel in the OT

I plan to link to every Saturn-related resource I know of, lol.

Edit: Testing out a board feature to see if it’s feasible to use in the OT…

List of Stuff 1
  • List item
  • List Item 2
  • List Item 3
List of Stuff 2
Listin Within List A

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List Within List B

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[th]Title 1[/th]
[th]Title 2[/th]
[th]Title 3[/th]
[td]This is a thing.[/td]
[td]Another thing.[/td]
[td]Yet another thing.[/td]
[td]More things.[/td]
[td]Thingy thing thing.[/td]

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This link has mouseover text.

I’m not knowledgeable on video cables at all. I just use composite cables on 8-bit computers and the C64’s chroma/luma monitor cable.

Oh god. I want to do Dreamcast but I’m not sure I have time in the next few days. Let me keep you posted.

I can make a PSP |OT|! I can have it up by tomorrow afternoon maybe even earlier.