New Retro-focused console: Intellivision Amico Announced

We’ve seen systems like this in the past that have tried to be “disruptive.” But this one actually looks different to me. The team involved (full of seasoned industry veterans) and the promise of genuinely exclusive games (20 exclusives at launch) and exclusive retro remakes (!) actually makes this a far more interesting proposition.

I really dig the simple controller design too. It feels like a very focused product with really great backing. If the games look good, it’s the first console of its kind I could see myself actually purchasing.

To me, this is absolutely targeting the audience that goes gaga for retro games and compilations on the Switch. What do you think?

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Controller looks interesting, built in speaker reminds me of the Wii controller, which was a great idea to have sound effects coming from the controller.
I think this is too niche to be viable in the long term, don’t get me wrong I like the idea of this but I’m almost 41 and I don’t have any real memory of intellivision in the UK, I don’t recall anyone owning one when we were kids, I suppose it’s different in the US but we’ve had similar ideas before with Sinclair Spectrum releases in the UK, they didn’t go very well.

Normally, I’d agree. But in this case, if the video is representative, the library actually looks kinda cool.

It is interesting for sure and will take a wait and see approach, as opposed to a ignore unless it gets big approach.

Targeting the arcade style experience is a good way to differentiate them from other choices and could make it a good additional system to get.

I don’t really like to link out to other forums but this a pretty good read about a possible concern involving their 2D specific architecture moving forward.

Seems like a pretty cool concept, but I’m not sure about the controller. It’s been proven that a normal computer design is the way to go… Seems like them holding on to the past is going to hurt them.

The console design is hideous imo… They should have stuck with a modern update to the original console.

Sounds a lot like a Wii knock off. A toy to entertain the kids. Might work!

[edit] Tallarico as CEO? Does he have any experience in such a role?

Best of luck to this team. Eventually, one of these disruptors will actually disrupt something.