8bitdo Genesis Style Controllers

$25 each and they ship tomorrow?!!

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They look closer to Saturn than Mega Drive?

Just need a receiver now.

Look closer… Looks like it’s packed in

Ah, I didn’t go the amazon, just the tweet.

Hell yes then. Also hopefully receivers sold separately soon enough.

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Bought the black one. Hopefully they feel like the Saturn dpad.

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Welp, ya got me. Sometimes I hate this place… in a good way.

I snagged one since wireless will be great with the RetroTINK-2x and the CDX. I like my 8bitdo SNES controller. Hopefully this is just as good.

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I bought both white and black. This purchase is going to get me to double dip on Street fighter collection for Switch.

I can’t wait to play mania

Very interested to hear what you all think about these. I managed to get a preorder for the HD Retrovision restock of component cables, so I’m ready to dive into Genesis stuff next month.

Edit: well crap, just saw the release date for Feb 2019. Doh…

I grabbed 1 of each as well. $7 shipping to Canada sealed the deal for me.

There’s no mention of Bluetooth but there is a usb port

Oh looks like they’ve changed the release date from today to Feb 2019 :sob:

Oh man!! Khaan! Looks like I can afford the nano now. :slight_smile:

Maybe the 2.4 radio vs 2.4 bt has some advantage on latency?

Khaaaaan! is right! Jeez.

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Oh so they delayed the release? Phew, that gives my wallet some breathing space! I’ve been buying a lot of retro-related stuff lately. I’m not too keen about the looks though I probably could live with it.

Would love to see a comparison of these with Joyzz when the 8bitdo ones come out.

I think the release date was wrong to begin with. Try googling these controllers, you won’t find anything outside of this tweet.

Ha, I was wondering when Analogue would announce the Mega SG based on the release of these controllers. One day later is the answer.


Boom. Shout outs to @Kawika for calling it

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This is great. The shape’s different but I’m okay with it since it means wireless compatibility, plus they have DIY kits too - it’s the receiver I care about. Now we need the Saturn ones to come out. Retro-bit’s releasing some official wireless ones but I hear they’re average IIRC.

Good new everyone. M30 2.4g (not Bluetooth) on my Genesis Model 1.


Ah, 240p test suite, my most played game.

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I’ve heard this more than once from this lot today. :wink:

Mine is on the way! It’ll be a week or so as Amazon.ca, as usual, didn’t have it up for pre order back in October (haven’t checked lately).