New Year 2020 Retro Resolutions

Another year, another Retro Resolution thread.

My resolutions:

Go full FPGA full platforms supported (either Analogue or MISTER)
Explore Gameboy/GBC libraries
Continue to support quality retro collections (M2, etc)

What are yours?


I want to beat a few JRPGs. I always quit. But some FF games, Dragon Quest and maybe Earthbound Beginnings.

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Put out more gaming Youtube vids than 2019(which that year had the lowest amount of vids I put out since I started in 2014) along with putting the vids on Youtube alternatives.

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I want a working Dreamcast.

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Finish making a game and ship it.


I have a thread where I’m tracking the games I’ve beaten this year. Ya’ll can join :sonic:

Otherwise, I plan on bringing sanity to my arcade setup and diving into mister.

Tell us more

!!! I would definitely play a game you make.


Re-buy a lot of the stuff I sold to buy a house :joy:


I’m keeping things simple this year.

  1. Work as much as I can on Ketsui
  2. Organize and finish the Shmup Station
  3. Purchase a FM Towns or X68k
  4. Buy more shmups (especially Cave)
  5. Buy a RAM expansion for my Mister.

I’m interested in the PS5 and Xbox Series X but probably won’t buy either for a couple years.

  • Sell more games and the extra consoles I have
  • Get my setup finished (moved in July and have barely spent anytime on it)
  • Get my Mister up and running
  • maybe buy a Switch
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I’ve got a few things and since I prodded @entremet to create a thread I need to chime in…

  • Stream retro on Twitch regularly with my newly purchased Elgato HD60 S and the RetroTINK-2X. Sega Genesis mostly but also Neo Geo games.
  • Finally add Thunder Force V for Saturn to my collection. It’s one of the few games I don’t own that still haunts me.
  • Go back to Galloping Ghost Arcade in Chicago for more than just an evening and visit their pinball location too.
  • Check out the Retro scene in Charleston, SC when I go to visit my son there sometime this year.
  • Play a ton of TurboGrafx-16 when the Mini launches in March.
  • Play the hell out of all the stuff I already own instead of adding to the pile every week! This should be relatively easy when I get things set up for streaming.

Super niche, perhaps, but I’m making a Hanafuda (Japanese flower cards) game for the Playdate console! Still a ways to go but I’m building it in such a way that I can extend it easily and port it to pretty much any platform. Would love to have it on Switch. First thing first, though!

I don’t usually talk about things before I have something to show, so forget I’ve said any of this! :joy:

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Really hope to grab a Playdate system, myself and it doesn’t sell out. I am on the notification list.

I forgot about the polymega. I have interest in that platform, especially as legacy hardware starts breaking down, especially disc based stuff.

1cc metal slug


Nice, hope you do it.

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That’s super cool. I’m interested in hanafuda but it has always overwhelmed me whenever I’ve sat down to play.


This year I plan to focus on collecting PCBs and NeoGeo AES/MVS/Pocket Stuff. Maybe get another candy cab and a super gun.

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