Night Slashers coming to Switch

I thought I’d just mention this.

I know this board is more console focused, so if you haven’t ever played Night Slashers, do yourself a favor and fire it up in MAME. Or just trust me and buy it.

While not the deepest, It’s one of the more detailed and visually appealing beat em ups made during the arcade era. Think Vampire Savior but less goofy, and more campy.



I support this. It is one of the many arcade only games that look and play amazing from back in the day that people just may not even know about because of their exposure to arcades. So many good beat em ups and shoot em ups that seem lost.

I love beat em ups and ive never heard of this. Looks like I’ll be grabbing it for sure !

Love Night Slashers, it’s so over the top, like Captain Commando meets Castlevania.

If anyone is on the fence, the main character is a guy with robot gun arms and an American flag tank top, who shoots zombies in the face at the end of every combo.


Well count me in!


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This is the greatest week for BEUs since the ‘90s! Capcom BEU Collection is out today too!

Fun little Halloween themed clip

Here you go y’all. $8. Do it.

I heard this has garbage filters and really no options to turn them off, but I might overlook that for a first-ever home release of a game like this. Sounds pretty cool. Need to check out some videos.

I thought you could turn off the filters, someone showed a pic of no filters I believe.

Yeah, you can turn them off.


Ah, OK!

Good news! I was avoiding for that reason too!