Zero Gunner 2 up on Japanese eShop

And Strikers 1945 II is set for January 25th, thanks to the shmups Twitter feed.

Glad to see Zero Gunner 2 get a 2nd chance at a bigger audience. One of my favorite shmups ever; also one of the few that I can beat with the game’s allotted credits.

initial impressions suggest a completely busted port. this will need some serious patching.

Just read that, wow, sounds really bad and will be avoiding it unless a major fix is released. Shame as ZG2 is one of the best DC shmups ever and I was really looking forward to playing it on the go.

A bit after the port went live, the president of Zerodiv posted a blog entry saying they didn’t have the original development ressources and named the Switch version Zero Gunner II**-** as an acknowledgement of its potential problems. Props for the honesty…?

At least there’s still Strikers II to look forward to!

Yeah, just read that, definitely not getting this now and will just stick with the DC version. Maybe Sega or Psikyo lost the assets?

Are there any known bugs or issues with ZeroDiv’s other Psikyo Switch releases like Strikers 1945 and Gunbird? After this debacle I’m now wondering how accurate those actually are.

Twitter shmup fan @y&cow* has been documenting Zero Gunner 2’s many problems, must see videos in these tweets for anyone thinking of spending their money on this:

Did this ever get fixed? I was reminded of it by the Treasure thread…

tweaks but nothing to get it close to how it should be. read the posts by plasmo and kikan to see how far off the mark it still is.

Thanks. Looks like Dragon Blaze hit the eShop today and that would be a better choice. :slight_smile: