Besides Mario 64 what games do you think actually are fun to play in 2017? Try to take the Nostalgia filter off because I didn’t really care for it back when it came out because of the lack of JRPGs.

Mario 64 still fun but I wish the DS port was a 3DS port.
Ocarina of Time: Would rather play it on 3DS
Majora’s Mask: Same
Star Fox 64: Same
Rogue Squadron: Playable but better in 480i imo. Too bad it never had a Dreamcast port. I couldn’t get the PC version running on steam
Sin and Punishment: I never played it back in the day but I had a good time with it. Legit good game

Don’t tell me Banjo or Conker. I don’t think the age has been kind to them and I think I would actually prefer to play it on the Rare replay. I don’t know why but 3D game emulation never bothers me but 2D drives me crazy.

Waverace 64 is still awesome but even that is nicer with a Wii classic controller.

Yeah I have to admit I don’t use my N64 that often. Doom 64 is pretty cool though.

Absolutely nothing… well… except for

Paper Mario
Super Smash Bros.
F-Zero X
Diddy Kong Racing
Mario Kart 64
Bomberman 64
Bomberman 64 Second Attack
Bomberman Hero
Mischief Makers
Sin and Punishment
Wave Race
Excite Bike 64
Gauntlet Legends
Mystical Ninja starring Goemon
Harvest Moon 64
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Mario Golf
Mario Tennis
Mario Party 2 and 3
NBA Hangtime
NFL Blitz
Ogre Battle 64
Pilot Wings 64
Bust a Move 2
Rampage World Tour
Rampage Universal Tour
San Fransisco Rush
SnowBoard Kids 1 and 2
Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey
Yoshi’s Story

And that’s not including the heavy hitters of Rare’s library or most of Nintendo’s most ambitious first party efforts like Star Fox, Mario 64, or the Zelda games. The library on this system doesn’t rival PS1 or Saturn, but it does hold its own nicely. And I’d argue all of those titles hold up today. And it’s secretly the best system of the generation when you do consider the quality of the first party efforts.

I bought an expansion pak today so there’s something I’m wondering… if I play say, rogue squadron, with the expansion pak but disable hi-resolution mode, will the framerate still be better than with the stock ram cartridge?

Can I recommend Bettle Adventure Racing? A Need for Speed type game with tight controlls and short cuts out the ass. One of the best under the radar games on the system.

At least with Perfect Dark and Turok 2, the fps tanks hard when you enable hi-res mode. They have low fps to begin with so I never use that feature. It’s probably the same for most games.

Is there a version of the 240p test suite i can download? I was trying to calibrate my n64 and i didn’t realize i didn’t have that tool in my romset.

Yeah, I meant that if I play those games with the expansion pak but at standard res, will the framerate be better than with no expansion pak? Digital Foundry’s test for the n64 port of Quake II prove it has better framerate when the expansion pak is used so thats why I’m curious

If the frame rate is better in low res with the pak, I never noticed. I really on use the pak for games that require it and never to go high res.

It’s a shame this thread doesn’t seem to get much love…ah well.

Raphnet’s fantastic GameCube controller to N64 adapter has now been updated to V3 - the main addition being an inbuilt controller Pak!


New in V3: Built-in controller Pak
Supports official and 3rd party Gamecube controllers.
High game compatibility thanks to customizable mappings.
Up to 4 mappings can be saved, and the default can be set.
Upgradeable firmware
Built in a translucent plastic enclosure.
Available in translucent red and black colors

Additional information about the built-in Controller Pak:

Capacity: 32 Kilobyte (256 Kilobit), like original Controller Paks.
Storage medium: Flash (no battery used). Theoretical reliability:
    Endurance: 1000000 Write cycles
    Data retention: 100 Years

I have two of the v2, but the addition of the memory pak makes buying another pretty much a definite thing.

Also for anyone else who has preordered an ultraHDMI board from gametech, the boards are on their way to Marshall from the fab in China - so not long left! Hoping I get mine soon, can’t wait to install it.

So here’s a question… if Nintendo does produce an N64 Mini eventually, do they include support for the Memory Pak to expand the RAM?

You mean the expansion pak? Nah. They’d just take the extra 4mb of ram into account in the emulation just like they did with the Virtual Console N64 titles.

If and when they do release this. Expect it to be much more expensive retail, $129.99. 4 controller ports, a little more going on with the controlller compared to the 8-16bit consoles. Also I would think they would limit the games to 12

I kinda wounder how much more they could have charged for the SNES mini and still have it sold out. Think it could have easily been $99. Seen stacks of them at stores then completely gone the next time I went. Of course I don’t know if it’s scalpers thinking they were as rare as the NES mini or people actually buying them.

But yeah, I hope for the n64 mini just for the novelty just like the nes and snes mini. The 4 controller and bigger multiplayer nature of the n64 does pose a different pricing problem though, you are right. Were there any unreleased or would be suprise games that could be put on it, like Starfox 2 was on the SNES mini?

I’m sure a good amount were scalpers, but I know a lot of people were able to pick an snes classic that missed out on the NES classic.

And for unreleased games. There’s nothing that I’m aware of that was almost completed and not released. Tons canceled, but nothing close to completion or polish like Starfox 2.

Games I can see being included limited to 12:

Mario 64
Zelda Ocarina of Time
Starfox 64
Mario Kart 64
Smash Bros
Kirby Crystal Shards
Donkey Kong 64
Pilot Wings
Paper Mario
Yoshi Story
Mario Party 2

It’s a good selection, but I don’t think it would be limited to just Nintendo games like that, as neither of the previous mini systems were. The thing that I worry about is it being limited to games with less then 4 players as a way to avoid the extra controller ports/controller options. On the other hand they may go back to it only including one and selling the extras but who knows.

Limiting to only 12 games would be a little disappointing. I would hope they keep it to at least 20. Nintendo should include two controllers to effectively sell the multiplayer aspect, then sell extras for 4 player action.

As for unique additions, they could do 64DD games. We were discussing this in the Discord… all the DD games were converted to N64 file format and are entirely playable with an Everdrive and the base hardware. Assuming there won’t be a GC Mini, they could also include the original Animal Forest. This is a bit out there but how about a version of Mario 64 with Mario 64 DS’s extra characters, bosses, stars, etc?

Whatever they end up releasing, this may end up being Nintendo’s best selling mini console. Gamestop has been saying the last couple of years that the N64 is their best selling retro console.

One (or both?) of the Vigilante 8s has a hi-res mode… FPS also tanks if enabled. You’re right that it’s probably like this for nearly every game with 480i toggle.

This is awesome news! I’ve been so tempted to just buy 4 of these adapters and be done with the N64 controller. I’m tired of clinging to the false hope that a proper replacement stick will come.

Edit: Well that was a fast decision. I bought 2 of them and a classic controller-gamecube adapter for the GBP.