Recommend: additional, different modes outside of the main game

Looking for some recommendations!

For example…

Different Games running in the same engine

  • Vanishing Point (Stunt Mode) video
  • Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 (Mini Games) video
  • Ape Escape (Mini Games) video
  • Mario Kart DS (Mission Mode) video
  • Mario Kart Wii (Mario Kart Channel Competitions) video

Extended Tutorials to cope with controls/difficulty

  • Gran Turismo (driving school/licence tests) video
  • Speed Power Gunbike (training mode) video
  • Ghost in the Shell

Minified Versions of the main game

  • Metal Gear Solid (VR missions) video
  • Zelda BotW (Eventide Island) video

Multiplayer mode in Kirby’s Dreamcourse is one of the best video game experiences I ever had.

That is indeed great, in fact I’ve only played that game multi-player (thanks to it being on SNES Mini) so my question to you is: what am I missing in single player mode? Is it substantially different?

It’s pretty different and extremely good in its own right. I’m pretty sure this was a Sakurai game considering how well it plays.

Basically, it’s mini golf meets billiards in the single player mode. You need to get under a certain number of strokes to advance or you lose lives. It’s honestly kind of brilliant and makes me wish they’d take Sakurai off Smash (if he is indeed responsible) so that we can see more phenomenal concepts like this from him.

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Balloon Trip mode in Balloon Fight!

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Stunt mode in San Francisco Rush 2049 on Dreamcast. It’s like a whole different game, really. The combat multiplayer is too. Sheesh… that game was awesome.

Also, City Trial in Kirby Air Ride.


@Peltz I will play it!

@bobble sounds cool. Is that similar to the “Secret Nintendo Game” Hello Kitty World?

@DaveLong SFR2049 Stunt Mode sounds just up my street. Thanks!

Keep them coming.

There is other modes in Balloon Fight? News to me.


Found another one in my collection today:

Ghost in the Shell (PS1) Training Mode

Mission Mode:
Eagle Eye Golf (PS2)

Crikey the voice acting in this is abysmal.

Would Crash for Cash from Burnout 2 count? Game was advertised as a racer but that mode alone is hella fun and worth it.

I’ll look into that one! It’s been too long since I played a Burnout.

Currently playing:

Bonham the Whale - Kero Bingo in Kero Kero King (PSX)
It’s a bingo-skeeball-gambling game, using the whack-a-frog element from the main golf game. Set on the back of a whale, obviously. :whale::frog:

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Trackmania United / Trackmania Nations - Platform Mode
Rollcage: Stage II - Scramble Mode

So much fun! Both of these are basically a “get to the end” puzzle mode, where the objective is to navigate the difficult track in any way you can to get to the end.

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I have Rollcage Stage II, cheers. Sounds perfect.

I don’t have Trackmania but I’ll look into it. Ta!

  1. Tekken Ball (volleyball, Tekken 3 disc, PS1)
  2. Tekken Bowl (bowling, Tekken tag tournament disc, PS2)

Tekken used to always have a separate mode, these two were the best. Especially if you’re playing against someone who wasn’t as skilled in the main game, they could pick these up and instantly understand what to do.

I think the Wii U TTT2 disc had Tekken ball again, but I’ve never played it.

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Wow. I had forgotten all about Tekken Ball. Will play it again. Sadly I don’t have TTT so I’ll YouTube that one.

While on the subject of fighting games, there’s Chess Kombat on Mortal Kombat Deception/Deception Unchained as well as Motor Kombat on Mortal Kombat Armageddon.

I’ve started playing this and, yes, it is brilliant.

Interestingly SF Rush 2049 also has such a mode - hidden and unlockable - called Obstacle Course.

I’ve been playing Wii lately. Two notable games with extra modes.

GTI Club: Supermini Festa!
(made by Genki according to the credits)

  • so many: tomato shooting, car football/soccer, bomb/gift tag, gold collecting, etc

MX vs ATV: Untamed
(surprisingly well done game)

  • GAP mode (stunts)