NPCs in BotW use a Mii-like system

Just the coolest.

NPCs in BotW use a Mii-like system.

Miis can me imported and exported, with some small caveats.


That’s really cool!

Brilliant, really.

Gunpei’s spirit lives on.

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Thought this was really cool as well. I wonder if there were plans for Miiverse integration with the original Wii U title as a result of this, maybe for traveller NPCs. A bit like how Mii friends would show up in the audience of Mario Kart Wii, but more fitting of the world due to the translation of Mii facial features into Zelda facial features.

Oh man… that would’ve been cool. But I’m sure people would’ve hated it and would say “these aren’t real npcs” or whatever.

I know “ playing alone” was something they were considering to be a series convention they wanted to break at one point.

I really miss Mii. The defined the Wii to 3DS era.

One of my friends passed away suddenly a few years ago and it’s always a nice suprise to see him on the billboards in Mario Kart Wii or in the crowd in Wii Sports. It’s one of the reasons Switch feels a bit soulless compared to the other consoles.


God dammit. How am I suppose to make an avatar quote joke when you follow it up with a touching story like that. The shit I put up with. :apathetic:

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My Mii’s are filled with girls I dated/hooked up with before meeting my wife :joy:

Plus some friends and family of course.