Between Rare, id software and now Activision Blizzard, it’s interesting how much of the N64 library Microsoft now owns.


That’s a good point! And you just reminded me of the N64 Goldeneye rumor/leak from a couple weeks ago. Hopefully it actually makes it to Xbox this time after the 360 version was canned.


Rareware on the N64 :3


What are your favorites ?

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Banjo-Kazooie is my favorite, but my top recommendations are Banjo-Kazooie, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Diddy Kong Racing, Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Blast Corps :slight_smile:


Man, that era was magic.

Do you know the similarity between Top Gear Rally and Wave Race 64 ?
You can hardly turn if you don’t accelerate. Wish is normal for a jet sky, less for a car lol
TGR can be frustrated with its moody direction, here’s how to “shut up and fly straight” (Avatar): don’t release the gaz while breaking.

I just realized that I have the type B controller configuration with the h-brake on c-down, it’s required for breaking while accelerating, cause with other configurations A+B = h-brake.

I did this by capturing the CRT image with 4K60 camera. It was fun to do but now that I’m watching it, it seems a bit ridiculous, I don’t know, anyway no big deal so you may just want to see the result of the capture.
I did some more on the channel (Starfox intro and RE1 GC forest 480i):


Always wanted to look into Konami Osaka’s football games since they were critically acclaimed, and I’m really impressed with what I saw of 1996’s J-League Perfect Striker, which was apparently seen as the best football game on the market at the time of its release int he N64’s launch window:

This credits sequence is pure class:

Also interesting to see the roots of future Konami series form here. The team within Konami Osaka responsible for the games, Major A, would work almost exclusively on N64 until the PS2 arrived, similar to how they formed Diamond Head Production work on Powerful Pros: Major A - MobyGames

Honestly, I think Konami Osaka was probably N64’s best third party developer, and Konami probably their best third party publisher overall, though it would be a close call with Hudson, Acclaim etc.


That game was great with 4 players too. The animations and solidness of the players afforded by N64 was far better than early 32bit soccer games. Eventually the early Pro Evo/Winning Eleven on PS1 bettered it though. You should try out ISS Deluxe on SNES as well, remarkably good for all the limitations of that class of hardware.


Today I learned that N64 composite cables are NTSC/PAL specific, I was aware of the S-Video differences but didn’t occur to me the same would need to apply to composite, totally makes sense with it being a mash-up of chroma and luminance

I recently got the official Nintendo S-Video cable and have been doing some comparisons with composite, and it’s rather amazing how good NTSC composite is, very close to S-Video which is slightly superior in saturation (as in not too oversaturated) and luminance noise. Also compared it against PAL composite which has worse dot crawl/edge shimmering!

I think this might be Rama of GBS-C fame
I wonder if this means there are some early PAL N64s with the ‘best’ composite, perhaps those early revisions that supported S-Video. As for my PAL with worse shimmering it doesn’t look any sharper, the NTSC machine is just as sharp.

It’s very system by system dependent. NES composite is bad compared to, say, Saturn which is borderline S-Video quality.

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Not to dismiss your opinion but I’ve just RGB modded a NTSC Japanese N64 and it’s basically day and night compared to composite. I’m guessing S-video wasn’t that well done.
I’ve always been dead against composite though since I was brought up playing in RGB since 1988. So maybe I’m a little one sided here.

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N64 has good composite, but to me Svideo was a clear step up. Of course I haven’t played all models, I have had standard PAL, first gen NTSC and late gen NTSC (Funtastic). From memory I think the late model composite looked slightly sharper. I have run an RGB modded early model (inside a Funtastic era shell) for a decade now though.

For N64 I would say Composite 5.5/10, S-video 8.5/10, RGB 9.5/10.

The best composite I’ve seen is probably PC Engine, which may be like 6.5/10. Worst Mega Drive, probably 3/10 or worse.


Totally, I was impressed by my Turbo Duo composite compared to other systems. Actually tested out Gamecube since I had the cables out, and again super solid and borderline S-Video! Someone recently mentioned how great SNES jr/SFC Jr composite is and having seen SNES composite and thinking it was bad I was really shocked at the quality, might be the greatest composite out I’ve seen!

@Yakumo Oh I wasn’t saying RGB was bad or anything, just that N64 has a reputation for great composite, solely judging Comp. vs S-Video here :smiley: I’ve had an RGB modded N64 for a long time, colour separation, sharpness, and lack of noise is superior in RGB, no doubt! I think my recent experiments with composite or S-Video are exploring how the art is changed, I’m kind of curious as to what the composite fans are seeing/like about it.

@D.Lo I’ll try and get some screenshots up but NTSC Composite is super close to S-Video from what I’m seeing! (One thing to factor in is how well the CRT filters composite, like my 80s Sony Trin is not great but my late Panasonic is amazing with comp.) Ooh let me do my personal rating!

HDMI: 10/10 (top because it’s lossless although vs RGB+deblur+OSSC it’s not something I can tell the difference)
RGB: 9/10 (Clear step up from S-Video)
S-Video:7.6/10 (Better colour separation than composite, fine use of colour can still bleed e.g Goldeneye’s red reticule, near minimal edge shimmering, nearly no noise in luminance)
NTSC Composite:7 (filtering is superior to PAL comp, edge shimmering nearly eliminated)
PAL Composite: 6.5

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N64 composite is very very good. I actually used to play on RF back when I originally had it back in the day lol, but more recently my OEM s-video cable had one of the pins randomly fall out so I had to switch to my old composite cables while I got a replacement and to my surprise there really wasn’t much between the 2. could be my TV’s comb filter but it was super clean

the Wii also has great composite output, and I actually use it when playing some SNES games like DKC.

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Which turbo duo model do you have? I’m interested in grabbing some stock (unmodified) PC Engine hardware and I’m unsure which units produce good composite

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I have this model (not my pic), apparently, one of the worst for leaky caps, which I can confirm :sweat_smile:, I had to do a full recap in order to restore the sound. Sadly the CD drive doesn’t work (hoping for an ODE one day). Although I’ve not booted it up in a while I might be confusing the composite quality with the Core Grafx 1 or 2. I’m waiting for someone to make some S-Video mod boards based on the open-source designs of Zaxour

I bought an RGB board ages ago but never put it in because it was hinted that an S-Video mod would be possible (and thus ‘correct’ like composite) which I’d be okay with

Thought this was interesting:

I don’t understand it but I guess this is the clever thing PCE and N64 do with composite? I wonder if PCE here also extends out to the Duo family.