Small CRTs do miracle work in general.


personally, the thing is with the N64 is that me and my mates grew up with the SNES and Game Boy and then the N64 released at exactly the perfect time, as we hit our teens. It’s the period of gaming we remember the fondest, especially considering almost all of it was spent together.

In fact, whenever we meet up - even at 30 years old, we still end up in a block fort battle in Mario Kart or fighting over who gets to be odd-job in Goldeneye.


We had a rule that whoever came in last could play as oddjob in the next round.


It also had a heavy “same room multiplayer” focus, what with the 4 players being a standard thing. Even though I preferred the PS1 and grew up with earlier systems it (the n64) was the go to when doing stuff with friends.


Well, we used to just punch whoever played as oddjob or jaws. that sorted things out quickly.

When we got to sixth form (in the UK, sixth form is between school and university. We were 17-18 years old), we used to bring an N64 into school, plug it into whatever we could and play deathmatches. As we were at an arts college, that meant we had access to the projection room in the theatre, which had video input down in the auditorium. So yeah, we used that every goddamn lunch break we could. And most of it was us arguing over who got to be Wario in mario kart 64


SNES was that machine for me and mine. And Arcades. When my friends come back to Los Angeles from wherever they moved to in fly-over-country we end up at an arcade somewhere playing Street Fighter 2/MvSF/Alpha basically any SF game but those same guys & I played N64 at the start and XBOX (Halo) at the end of college.

There is a fair bit of Nostalgia for the N64 with them but not alone. Which is usually how I play other consoles.


I think location really needs to be taken into account.

Back in the 90s, where I lived in the south coast of the UK, we didn’t really have arcades. We had the bowlplex with outrun and time crisis, and the local swimming pool with final fight and the simpsons in the lobby - but there wasn’t really that culture here that there was in the cities of the united states.

The first real multiplayer game we had was Super Mario Kart and Bomberman - and then when the N64 came out it was a revelation. Pretty much every single night after school was spent playing N64 - and then when we got older, we switched to Smash Bros Melee and Timesplitters. But the N64 was the start of it all.


This is actually an awesome rule.


Have you guys played the romhack GoldenEye X? It’s a hack of Perfect Dark with all of Goldeneye’s maps, weapons and characters. It’s amazing, and I’m pretty sure they have that rule for oddjob.


Our rule was just no Oddjob. Because he was bullshit.



At least where I lived there was maybe 4-5 major arcades and every Pizza Joint, Bowling alley, Liquor Store, Convenience store had a few arcade games in them. It didn’t matter where you were there were always a Street Fighter, SNK or Mortal Kombat machine. Also the TMNT, XMEN & Simpsons 4 player machines were everywhere. Most of you guys won’t notice it but the Arcade in Karate Kid is the same arcade that is in Wreck it Ralph which was an arcade I would frequent. Oddly its near LAX and other bad parts of LA urban sprawl.

Karate Kid

Wreck it Ralph

Golf & Stuff

Edit: AND NBA Jam. How could I ever forget it?


It works well as a handicap without making the worse performing player feel like they’re terrible, as most people are pretty excited to play as oddjob.

It’s one of the things I appreciate about multiplayer games that aren’t perfectly balanced for ultra competitive snobs.


Oh cool! Is it still there?


Yeah it’s still here. Ive been wanting to make a thread about all the arcades here in Southern California that were awesome. I grew up at the perfect time to experience most of that stuff. Unfortunately, Golf N Stuff is one of the few businesses from that era that survived. Actually, a few of them were able to stay in business due to cart racing and mini golf. But in the 80s it was all about the water slides. I feel so privileged to have grown up in that era. Maybe some day I will write about it. I also grew up near Back to the Future’s Twin Pines mall (which was actually called the Puente Hills Mall)


You were fortunate to be where you were because that sort of scene was long dead for most of us 90s kids. Arcades were vanishing at rapid pace in most parts of the country and were really gone for the most part in the late 80s. I thought it was cool having a few arcades in every other pizzeria, laundromat, comic book shops (also disappearing) and some convenience stores… only to later learn there were entire massive venues full of arcades before our time. Took me a moment to wrap my brain around arcades having peaked in the early 80s, before I was even born. :open_mouth:

Chuck E. Cheese and similar joints with prizes were the exception but also scattered and few in number. A nice place with pizza on the first floor and arcades/ticket games upstairs opened up in my neighborhood around '97-'98… within a year the arcades were gone and replaced with an empty space for events. Outside of Dave & Busters, the last big arcade I saw in the city was in '02 when I just started college. Two floors with old and new games with a few pinball machines too. I was in the area about a year later, certain I remembered where it was, and sure enough it was gone.


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No Insta filter on this one? Haha. That’s a clean looking 64 shell. Feel better soon, Rich.


3 games filled arcades. Street Fighter 2, NBA Jam & Mortal Kombat. Everything else was propped up thanks to those games. There were linked SF2 cabs for tournaments. Fighting games we’re so huge that the 90s actually brought back arcades that died in the late 80s. The DDR craze was helped by the success of fighting games and nba jam keeping the doors open. By the middle of the 90s SF2 was on snes and Genesis and thus started the last death of the arcades. We still have tons of family fun centers that had other forms of income. This subtopic deserves it’s own thread so we should stop hijacking the N64 thread.

Can anyone recommend a great N64 game that is a bit under the radar? I know the usual suspects, (Mario, Zelda, banjo, etc)


I really like Bomberman 64 2 - the second attack.

Chameleon Twist 1 and 2 are great, and Mischief Makers (treasure) is awesome.


Rocket: Robot on Wheels aka Sucker Punch’s first game is a great under the radar N64 game. Blast Corps, Beetle Adventure Racing, World Driver Championship… are some others. I love World Driver Championship.