OG Xbox Appreciation: Life is Short, Play More (Across Three Generations of Xbox)

New xbox get:

Clear black Japanese “special edition” xbox, limited to 50k units. It’s in very good condition, clearly has very little use, came with matching black jp xbox controller, an unused sealed xbox high definition av pack, as well as a dvd remote / receiver, a composite/s-video advanced av pack, and the cute keychain pictured above.


I really have to get around to opening up all my xbox systems. I’ve got a few. I used to see them everywhere but it seems that stock has finally started to dry up.

The best looking Xbox imo, amazing find.

Agreed. Never even seen this before. Very cool

Sweet. Didn’t know an official smoke black existed

So I finally got a series X today and tried some of Xbox games that have been enhanced. It’s my first Xbox since 360 so tons to catch up on. So…

Guys what the heck is this wizardry? DOA3 looks as good as a PS4 game. Same with Panzer Dragoon Orta.

I never thought I’d want to play such old games on an HD set instead of my PVM. But the emulation is truly tastefully done. Even 2D hud elements are scaled well considering the source material.

Im beyond impressed with this system right now. I only wish the entire Xbox catalogue were given this treatment - of course it’s understandable why that’s not feasible.

With my back catalogue and game pass, I have tons of content to check out.

Feels good to have a new console and actually be impressed by it. It’s been a lonnnng time since a new piece of hardware has given me this sort of excitement.


It’s very good with 360 games too, and you get much more of the library there. Even games that aren’t X Enhanced get 16X anisotropic filtering (Soul Calibur 2 looks really clean while still being 720p) and eliminate frame tearing.

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I just got one myself (maybe a month or so ago)

I was shocked at how great the emulation of OG and 360 titles is. Not really feeling the need to have my OG hooked up.

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If final fantasy is your thing, you should give ff13 a try as well, the 4k upgrade really does wonders for it.

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There are a few OG games missing that I’ll leave it hooked up for - SSX Tricky, JSRF, and Guilty Gear X2 #Reloaded are the big ones. Steel Battalion too if I can ever get ahold of that controller (and a home with enough space for it).


I may just do that. I haven’t successfully played through an FF game (although got far into FF6 before stopping). But now that I’ve played through a few Dragon Quest and Earthbound games, I have a deeper appreciation for the genre.

I may go ahead and check out XIII (I know it’s a controversial title due to its linearity though so I won’t judge the entire series by it).

As someone with a lot of cfw consoles, kind of makes me wish newer Xbox’s had hacks available, for injecting into the awesome built in BC emu. Imagine lol

When you pop in a disc it downloads a xbox one / series compatible build of it off their servers so hacks wouldn’t really be able to do anything with it.

I’ve never felt less interested with hacks than I have on modern xbox especially in light of being able to run homebrew on retail consoles without any hacks.

That’s why. They kind of saved themselves with giving people back dev mode after the recent kerfuffle. If there was an incentive and people did finally crack the new Xbox’s I could imagine there would be some way but I could be wrong. After all nothing came from the Wii/GC emu that was packed in Mario 3D All Stars when I was hoping something would

I just want to chime in that I’ve also been so happy with how they’ve handled backwards compatibility. They really turned themselves around after last gen, and seem to be doing everything right. I was a big supporter of the original Xbox and still have my original discs and hardware. It really is magical to pop in an original disc of Panzer Dragoon Orta, Otogi, Gunvalkyrie, Timesplitters 2, etc from nearly 20 years ago and be able to play them on the Series X at 4x the resolution, 1920p and 60fps. Do I wish they were able to have done more, like Buffy, JSRF, or Project Gotham? Of course. But I’m still happy they were able to do what they did.

I played through FFXIII last year and really enjoyed it. But I also went in with expectations low and knowing its divisiveness. Check out this great article on the upgrade from John Linneman of Digital Foundry:

Keep in mind this article came out a few years ago, and the two FFXIII sequels now run at 2160p, 60fps​ (FPS Boost) on Series X.


I often see people wanting remasters on Twitter of this trilogy. I’m guessing they are PlayStation only users, lol.

BC program has done an incredible job with them!

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I have the controller for that game and it’s awesome but I still haven’t found anywhere to store it. It’s so awkward in shape and so many pieces as well. Definitely not recommended for small game rooms like mine

So I upgraded to a 1TB HDD. All my games are on a list here Abwezi's Collection - LaunchBox Games Database missing anything noteworthy?

I didn’t see Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions nor it’s Japan exclusive sequel. Thought it was a really fun game and looks stunning on Xbox. Haven’t played the sequel yet but remember reading that it’s even better.


I’ve only played Wreckless on GameCube/PS2. I think it’s a slightly updated port and I was comparing against the Runabout series (which I prefer on the whole).

The Xbox-only Japan-only Wreckless sequel that seems to still have English option is Double S.T.E.A.L: The Second Clash