OG Xbox Appreciation: Life is Short, Play More (Across Three Generations of Xbox)

Looks so much better on Xbox. Lighting is miles ahead, particle effects and that weird blur effect.

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Absolutely, I just didn’t have a working Xbox at the time I played it.

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This game looked insane on the Xbox, it blew my mind seeing it in a shop. It still kinda looks modern to this day.

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The PS2/GC Wreckless does make a fair effort to make up for its graphical downgrade - it adds double the missions, a free roam mode, a ranking system, 60 fps and the ability to launch missiles (lmao).

But the graphic downgrade really is so huge it feels like the soul of the game was ripped out. Whenever I see some nerd trot out the tired “graphics don’t matter it’s all about le gameplay” canard, I show them that video.


Yeah the graphics war doesn’t really apply here, sometimes it’s about the artstyle and the style and atmosphere it gives, that is lost in that port sadly.

I’m just hearing about Project Stellar, and it seems to revolutionize Xbox modding, or at least serve as a big update. Anyone here got a pre-order or plan to?

I’m most interested in the ODE function, since I could never get my Xbox to accept a new HDD.

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1st I heard of this and sounds awesome.

Funny enough I got an IDE hard drive to work 1st try for my modded Xbox.

Looks amazing.

I had two Xbox open at once and was distracted then somehow put them back together wrong. :man_facepalming:

I’d like to get one running again.