OG Xbox Appreciation: Life is Short, Play More (Across Three Generations of Xbox)


Yep, it really does(just played it recently).


i thought that was the case with Rogue Squadron and it was a hot mess. Pre 360 generation of PC games have been a mixed bag for my pc. Sometimes, I just don’t care enough to get it going. Its like burning games or trying rom hacks or homebrew games. If it doesn’t work, I just move on


Trust me, Republic Commando on PC is much better than the Xbox version.


OH! Thanks for mentioning that… I was really entertaining trying out Republic Commando on the Xbox, but I can’t stand FPS games on a console.

I just checked my steam account, and I already own it! I’ll be trying this out for sure.


Also, be sure to read up on patches and such here to improve the experience: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_Republic_Commando


Same applies to KotOR 2 right? PC version is at least complete.


Not entirely. Wide screen patch was a nightmare for my old machine. It might be different on a newer PC for better or worse. AFAIK, shadow and force power effects are missing on PC due to their reliance on legacy hardware.

My personally preferred way to play it right now is on Xbox1. When hardware gets cheap again, I’ll build a new PC and maybe I give KotR “definitive” PC mods and patches another try.


I’m gonna have to try the restoration mods soon, I’d much rather have more content and quicker loading times than extra effects and KOTOR2 is one of my all-time favorites.

Jade Empire is underappreciated though, another all-time-great (Xbox) game and what I feel to be the last great Bioware game.

The Bioware games, Fable, Morrowind, The Bard’s Tale, and a few I’m surely forgetting; the Xbox was a RPG powerhouse.


I don’t know… I saw it as the weakest system for RPGs of that generation to be honest. It all depends if JRPGs are important to you I suppose.


Oh yeah, you’re out of luck with JRPGs for sure. I sure had a blast with all the WRPG love the Xbox got though.


I added the Sudeki soundtrack to my Xbox soundtrack collection.


I should have some of the raw audio files for Sudeki somewhere.


Does anyone here own the HD Link cable?

I know it works reasonably well but I would trust the opinion of someone here more than some random review.


Got some extensions to try and make my new-old-stock JP Xbox controller usable (the one on the right):

Surprising how many little differences there are between that and the S controller.


There’s are differences other than the logo?


The buttons are different; on the JP pad the labels ABXY are recessed into the button itself rather than inside the clear plastic. The cord is way shorter and made of a clear green plastic. The analog stick plastic feels different too, it has less texture (and it’s not from wear).

The XBOX jewel logo is obviously different but there are a few other logos changed or missing like the Microsoft logo doesn’t appear anywhere on the JP one. It’s pretty clear they did another plastic mold for the S controller.


The overall mold is more or less the same, I have a prototype from before the console launched with the regular s badge too. The triggers pull a bit different though as another small change.


I ordered the Type - S from Japan back in the day. It got brought over shortly after. I hated how short the cable was as a result.