OG Xbox Appreciation: Life is Short, Play More (Across Three Generations of Xbox)


Are you using component? It’ll make a huge improvement even if your CRT only does SD resolutions.

Also something looks off about the output of your Xbox. It could just be the capture from your phone not accurately displaying how it appears in real life though.


I gave away my soft-modded OG Xbox years ago to a (non-gamer) friend to use for XBMC stuff, and I have a few questions:

Does Xbox support VGA?

Is the “West Coast” stage on ‘Crazy Taxi 3’ actually the best home version of ‘Crazy Taxi’? I’ve never played it, but it looks like it retains the original soundtrack and all of the licensed retail shops/restaurants while having improved models over the Dreamcast version. (Based on a few videos I watched, it looks better than the uneven HD remake on 360/PS3.)

Thoughts on this?




There were some VGA mods that were popular a long time ago, but these days I can’t imagine doing that vs just using component.


Fair enough. Specially, I just want to connect it to a 31hz VGA monitor. I’d rather not have to use my OSSD.


Use a Garo


Follow-up question: any (affordable) component/RGB cable recommendations? (SCART is fine, too.)


That picture was through composite on a crt. My phone is really bad at taking crt pictures so it looks a lot worse than in person. Here’s what it looks like like through component on a 4k TV

Also I figured out why my Xbox drive won’t open. Rip


Good thing those are easy and cheap to replace. Find them on eBay easily.


They have been sold out a while. I’ve been following that page for ages haha. They will have a batch soon though


Awesome, that’s a great proper output. I was just concerned cause one of my Xboxes(compared to my others) has a noticeably worse output and some RGB members suggested it may be due to dying caps


NIBy goodness came in the mail today


finally inherited my own big black box o’doom last year and have chased down nearly every title I’d wanted for a good price…just Stubbs the Zombie that eludes me, why is that game so hard to find now?! it’s so much fun


Awesome, I don’t think I could open a sealed game though. I still have a few, like Rent a Hero No 1 (Japanese version of course).


I love opening new old stock. I would buy all my games like this if I could.

Helps that this was cheap; I got it for only $18 CAD.


I have a copy that I can’t really enjoy due to needing a CRT for a timming intense rhythm section. I might sell or trade if you want.

Edit: never mind, I already sold it some time ago. :frowning:



Sorry, Irish. lol

BTW, have you modded that bad boy yet? Modded Xbox is a whole new world.


nay, i should look into it though…years back a roommate had one that replaced the whole OS to make it an emulator box/media center thing, i wasn’t so much interested in that as i was,.say, the fan translation of rent-a-hero

how easy is a softmod these days, what’s that entail?


A USB adapter, a copy of Splinter Cell, and a storage device to clone to. That’s how I vaguely remember. Haven’t had to do it in a while. Lets you force everything into 480p. That alone is worth it, but there’s so much more!