OG Xbox Appreciation: Life is Short, Play More (Across Three Generations of Xbox)


I watched the whole Backstreet Boys video. Haven’t seen it since I was a kid.

How? How was this really a thing? How? Who made this and thought it wasn’t anything other than ridiculous looking?

How? How?



The wiki page listing the og Xbox games with alternate display modes was deleted today. On mobile so hopefully it exists elsewhere. Great job humans.



Why tho? The list was incomplete, but not having any info now just makes it that much of a pain to enthusiasts.


Based on my brief reading of the discussion, don’t have time to look into it more now, it’s because some of the games weren’t “HD” and following suit along the lines of the ps2 and gc articles. Pure BS imo. Need to grab the cached page and put it into the op someone.


Sounds like it didn’t match “encyclopedia” rules.

It would be pretty easy to recreate on another wiki.


That sounds rather arbitrary. By all means, if you can find it, repost it here as a new thread.


I downloaded a cached version from August on my home laptop, not sure the best way to format it. I may try to put it in a google spreadsheet or something.


How is it currently formatted? We may be able to support rudimentary charts on the sight if I’m not mistaken.


I just pulled up the page and did a file save to desktop, so probably HTML. (Edit, yes HTML).

Edit 2, sorry that may not have been your question. It’s a normal wiki page with text at the top. The bulk of page is the sortable table.


Here’s the cached page online:


That wiki page was useful but it had a lot of inaccuracies apparently.


This video is a pretty good and comprehensive look at the true HD games (also has a list of 480i-only titles). Some corrections in the video description


This list is perfect for me, it would help me with 720p and 480i Xbox games.


I’m looking at some other games to buy for Xbox.

Any thoughts on XIII?

I’m not so into shooters but some of the older style shooters like Goldeneye, Unreal Tournament, Half-Life 1, Halo 1, and Timesplitters 2 still hold my attention.


It has been about 15 years and I played it on Gamecube but I really liked it back then, enough to finish it. Be warned it ends on a massive cliffhanger that will probably never be resolved (unless you read the comic I guess).


I’ve been playing Halo 2 recently, as I never got around to it when it was new. It’s fantastic, and playing as the Arbiter is incredibly fun.


Got any interests in anything other genres? There’s a ton of stuff that should he able to find easily on the cheap still.

Mech Assault is sort of a third person shooter but campaign is still a blast

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is fantastic to play still and not a shooter unless you want to make things even harder

JetSetRadioFuture is easy to find if you get the bundled version that has sega gt. It’s a dope rollerskating game and has a groovy soundtrack

Stubbs the Zombie is a bit pricier but is an awesome comedy action adventure game that can even be played co-op. There isn’t really many games like it outside of maybe the destroy all humans series


I have all the Splinter Cell games. Actually I feel like I have a pretty good xbox library, just want to fill out some more before prices go up.

I dabble in a lot of genres but mostly prefer RPGs and platformers. Only genres I’m a hard pass on are sports games and shmups.


Ouuu ok. In that case my list is going to be totally different. I’m assuming you have the big console exclusive rpgs like jade empire/kotor/kotor2/fable and if you don’t, those are all great. Beyond good or Evil is great to but available on many other consoles. I can’t think of that many platformers that are worth playing from that gen but jsrf sort of is and it’s dope as hell. The Prince of Persia Trilogy is also an easy recommendation as far as platformers go.

Gunvalkyrie: it’s a really strange third person action game where you can keep chaining your jetpack to keep shooting enemies without touching the ground

X-MEN LEGENDS 2: one of the best marvel action rpgs and the best console version is definitely on Xbox

Dungeons and Dragons Heroes: very similar to the above. It’s a bit more of a strange title but quite enjoyable

Def Jam Fight for NY: fighting wrestling game unlike any other. It’s the last big AKI game released and hasa huge cult following.

Chronicles of Riddick Escape from butcher bay: visually it shows it’s age but playing it keeping in mind the age of the console and you will enjoy the heck out of the game. It’s a first person stealth action game.

Darkwatch/total overdose: I know you mentioned you don’t like shooters but both of these have a weird guilty pleasure in terms of how they play so I’m going to add them to the list. Both are pretty cheap last I checked.

Unreal Champsionship 2: One more shooter to add to the list. If you like the fast pace of the unreal tournament games you will like this and appreciate it a lot. At least I did, and I’m a fan of the shooters you recommended as well


Spikeout: Battle Street