Old video game ad spots

Atari Dig Dug cinema ad

Atari commercial with ET end card

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There’s a PC version? I had no idea

For a while I got really into watching long videos featuring Japanese Nintendo/Famicom commercials while working.

Some favs:

All of these are great but the one timestamped (5:11) for Dragon Quest gets a shoutout for the prominent scanlines on the TV footage:

And this whole Famicom Disk System demo is great, the Zelda part especially:

A set of ads for the amazing Polarium Advance, promoting the fact it could be played single-handed on the commute.

Awesome idea for a thread!

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Yeah, this thread is a smashing idea. It’s just a shame I don’t have any examples ready to go off the top of my head!

The Polarium Advance ad reminds me how the game was so great in one-handed mode off a Game Boy Micro!

https://twitter.com/goegoezzz posts a tonne of old japanese commercials/promos/event clips!


Kururin Paradise GBA