Namco arcade cab classics coming in handy sizes

Saw this on a private FB page and…

Looking to be the first wave…

release: March 24th

Dig dug

Looks ergonomic.

I’d put these on my booksheld at work. Set up a mini-arcade for people who visit my cube. Throw in a Neo Geo Mini for those who need to fight.

I’ve seen these in Japan already, at a shop called Geo. I don’t know how they ended up there, when I first saw them i looked them up to find they hadn’t been released yet! This was over christmas time. Haven’t tried one but they look alright, a bit pricy for what it is, more of a novelty than anything!

Is it true these all run NES versions of the games?

Took some pics tonight, they have even smaller ones now! About 10cm/4in tall

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I’ve been seeing these tiny arcade cabs all over, and they’re upwards of $35 CAD! What the hell…

They have them at Walmarts and Targets here in the US. I think they’re around 15 - 25 bucks.

I have the Pac-Man and Galaxian Tiny Arcade machines. They suck, don’t bother.