OSSC now readily available (without the waiting list)


The ossc doesn’t have the ability to resize or move images but depending on how your tv interprets the different scaling settings it could eliminate the overscan issue.

Svideo is not supported in any way. You’ll have to convert to RGBs, RGBhv, or ypbpr first before hooking it up to the ossc.


Awesome!! Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:


Actually, it kinda does via the back porch adjustments in the menu. My Mega Drive profile is shifted to the right and up to centre it properly.

No zoom functions though of course.


No way, I didn’t know that! Back porch is a sync related adjustment right?


Sampling opt. > Advanced timing tweaker

According to the Wiki:

Horizontal/Vertical backporch length

Sets output backporch lengths, which by default are set to match expected input backporch lengths. Effectively adjusts image position.

You may want to double check if that happens because of centering reasons only, or due to the fact you’re playing games that run at a 256p resolution (instead of 320p): in generic 4:3, 256p resolution gets shifted to the right, compared to standard 320p.


I also received this email yesterday. Very tempting!

This version has the LPF removal filter. Basically a ‘de-blur’ that aims to make non 1-CHIP SNES models look more like their 1 CHIP counterparts.


It does, though (to cross post my shit from the AV thread), it’s kinda iffy – adds vertical lines to the picture.

Dracula XX, set to 0

Dracula XX, set to 31

Dracula XX, set to 15


Super Metroid, set to 0

Super Metroid, set to 31

Super Metroid, set to 15

Close up


I’ve had better luck with de-blurring my 2-chip SNES, but from what I can tell results are highly display and SNES dependent (not all 2-chips are the same) and won’t equal a 1-CHIP. That said, it’s still the best image quality I’ve ever seen out of a SNES.

Although I have artifacts and noise as well when cranking up the reverse LPF too high, thanks to some suggestions in this thread on the OSSC forums I was able to lower reverse LPF all the way down to 3 by turning off the video LPF and tweaking the sampling phase and still achieve a solid de-blur. Also supposedly scanlines make the artifacts harder to spot from distance, but I prefer the scanline look anyway.


awesome news - my XRGB is still kicking, but i like having options! god knows if it ever acts up & my set works with it, i’d be on this machine next


This is good news for me. Great to hear about this back porch adjustment feature. I also learned that framemeister doesn’t support VGA for my dreamcast without an adapter so that’s quite a dealbreaker for me. Coupled with the 1-Chip replication feature, OSSC all the way!


So I ended up ordering one and received it today. Won’t get much of a chance to test it out until this weekend. I’m excited to see it stacked up against my framemeister.


Awesome! Let us know your opinion after you compared both :slight_smile:


Yes please let us know! I have a framemeister and have been considering checking out the OSSC, so I’d love to hear your thoughts once you compare them.


I got to briefly mess around with the OSSC this afternoon. I never really had a problem with the Framemeister, this was more of a curiosity. The only thing that ever bothered me with the FM was the noise on certain colors, really apparent on NES games with large areas of the same color. OSSC eliminates that. All the output modes seem to work on my TV except my tv forces some weird picture size on the Line4X mode and doesn’t let me adjust the tv scaling. Really no glaring differences, I’ll probably use the OSSC from here on out just for the no added input lag and more accurate colors. Plus I get to see more of the PS1 bootup. I got to where I never used scan lines on the Framemeister but I was enjoying them on the OSSC this afternoon on Line3X and 5x modes.


I would be surprised if I can get one of these someday.


I think the ossc is better and far worse at the same time. Once we have profiles for the various systems I truly believe this is going to be the best way to play but the Framemeister is still hooked up because the ossc just doesn’t do everything the way I like it and until recently the picture for snes was unparalleled for me. The compatibly is perfect with the Framemeister and it isn’t with the OSSC.

Ossc 5x on a Sony 4k @ 1920x1200 (no cropped lines)


I know what you mean. It can make an amazing picture but I find myself fiddling with it in various games and testing things back and forth more then actually playing games over it. That isn’t really it’s fault as a product, but an issue with me and having a ton of options though.

Now that I think about it that could be the reason I like the snes classic so much, since I just plugged it in and then beat a few games on it instead of dicking around for hours with settings and going back and forth comparing. But then it got cracked and all I’ve done with it is mess with it now. Send halp. :c


Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that profiles will be something the OSSC can manage in the future with later firmware updates right?


Yes and no. As in, Marqs (the creator of the OSSC) is completely aware of this ‘exporting profiles’ urgency, and there’s alot of talk in between him and FirebrandX, at the moment, over at SHMUPS forums. That said, it also looks like the available memory of the OSSC itself - to manage such new features - is pretty much all ran out. The most plausible scenario, as for right now, seems to be the development of a simple PC application that can work in tandem with the OSSC and the Micro SD card, so one can do all the tweaking on a computer, and then just move the finalized profile into the OSSC.


I’d really like some more scanline options, like width etc. Just more to tweak around with.