OSSC now readily available (without the waiting list)


That’s actually scheduled for the next (or an upcoming) firmware update. ‘Fully adjustable scanlines’.




Hey everyone. My OSSC arrived and I’m loving it so far. I am having a minor issue in I’ve been asking around about and wanted to paste my question here to see if I might get any different answers. Hello! The issue I’m having is that so far specifically on Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 (I’ve checked a few other interlaced only games out and wasn’t having the issue other than the rare occasional hiccup) unless I keep the game very still it seems like it gets stuck only displaying one interlaced half field, if anybody here is farmiliar with playing with GSM mode selector on PS2 and trying to force games to 480p that use field rendering will often have nearly this same “low res look”

Here’s when I leave the camera very still for a moment:

Here’s the game in movement:

This problem doesn’t happen on passthrough or line 4x mode, and I’ve yet to get my TV to pick up line x3. Also I can’t recall for sure but I remember testing this game once before upgrading to the newest firmware and don’t think I had this issue but I’m not sure on that part


Wow just updated to the newest firmware and I’m very impressed with the new scanline options. The hybrid option really brightens up the image,still playing with the right balance between scanline strength and hybrid percentage,leaning toward 68%/100%.

Also,I dont know what they did but the scanlines at 4X look perfect now and not too skinny! Its on par with the 2X scanlines! Im finding 3x and 5x still too thin though.


Damn, new firmware? I need to try it out.


Damn! Need to test this out. Link to said firmware?

Edit: Found them here: https://www.niksula.hut.fi/~mhiienka/ossc/fw/


yup I upgraded the firmware a few weeks ago and liked the additions.

These are just the screen grabs from my capture device and I find you have to reduce the scan line strength when capturing to card otherwise it looks uneven. I think these were taken with the scan lines lightened.


Just ordered my OSSC today with the remote, overlay, PSU, everything! Pretty excited and can’t wait to post screens.