You guys probably both post here. :sweat_smile:


I love these kinds of real life stories.


Me too. My favorite moment like this is when I saw someone on the subway playing Tetris on a totally unmodified stock OG Game Boy.

I just nodded in approval and the person gave a look of “what are you looking at” so then I stopped. :grimacing:


Great story! He probably gave you a funny look when he saw it was Valkyria Chronicles 2 though, amitire?!

“You’re not playing Grand Theft Auto? No God of War? C’mon man… what’s with the weeaboo stuff?”


I brought my psp on a plane a few years ago when I was playing persona 3 and I was seated beside a very cute girl. When we were landing I could see her type, from the corner of my eye, " the guy beside me was hot but he played some Japanese porn game on an old Gameboy the whole flight"


Oh man… brutal. Her loss! Just think of all the stuff you learned for the bedroom in that “Japanese porn game”! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Socks, this is amazing. I hope you informed her that it’s fine because the characters are actually 1,000 year old dragons.


Japanese stuff is so fake. I married an Asian girl and she doesn’t squeek or cry while we have sex. All my training went out the window , I didn’t know what to do !

“while I was being creepy and snooping over your shoulder I couldn’t help but notice…”

I didn’t try and make conversation with her outside of hello etc. She looked like the Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian type if you know what I mean.


When is the sex tape coming out, then?


I clearly didn’t make it that far in P3P…and I’m ok with that now, ha!

I have lame public PSP stories. I used to work as a consultant and would fly twice a week to/from wherever in the middle of nowhere I was working (grocery distribution! get pumped!) One was a 10 year old or so doing a double take as he walked down the plane aisle (this was right after launch). I was playing MLB. The other being a guy next me asking if I was fluent in Japanese after playing Initial D the whole flight. No, just read a faq, lol.


I seriously think this is the best post in the short history of this board…


How dare you, sir? As usual, I bought a Sony system to play a Metal Gear game. Peace Walker was the hotness when we visited Japan, and I really wanted to play it. But also picked up Metal Gear Acid, Patapon, Lumines, Let us Cling Together, FF Tactics, Jeanne D’arc, Metal Gear Acid, and Valyria Chronicles 2.

Man, I’ve got some serious content for train rides. I think the only games I beat on that list was Tactics and Peace Walker.


There must be something about PSPs that generate interest when you have them in public, even today.

I used to take the Metra into Chicago for work everyday and usually had some kind of handheld gaming device with me, usually a 3DS. A couple years ago I was playing through Jeanne d’Arc on my PSP. During the ride I noticed a (12 year old?) kid watching me from the other side of the train car. I figured he was just interested in seeing something unusual but while we were leaving he turned to me and said, “love your PSP!”. I think I was more impressed that someone his age even knew what it was than anything else. :smile:


There probably is, though for me it always happens whenever I’m playing on my Vita. I’ve had two people I know, who aren’t familiar with games, ask me whether it’s a PSP.


That just goes to show how well the Vita did outside of Japan!

When I was in Japan earlier this year the only console I saw out in public was a Vita!


Since we’re telling stories about the psp. I was actually standing in line playing my psp go. Some lady walked up to me and asked what kind of phone that was. She was disappointed when I said it was a game system.


You told her she really ought get one to play Tactics Ogre right after that right?


No switch? I’d imagine but maybe it’s too big.


Didn’t see a single switch in public. Probably a size thing like you said.


I did see someone playing Switch when I was in Japan last year, it was at a train station. Didn’t see any Vitas, but a few 3DS players who were surprisingly all adults. Mobage is king now it would seem.

Maybe one day we’ll see a move back to polycarbonate as a phone material. The early Nokia Lumias still look striking today unlike the featureless glass stabs we have now.