Put a small folded piece of paper together with the memory stick when inserting it.


This thing really runs PS1 games well. I’d have to check to confirm, but it seems that it runs them better than my PS2.

Why did nobody tell me!? :joy:


It is really good. Even the memory card management menu is handled well.

Though maybe not those which would benefit from both triggers and the analogues - Panekit seems more fiddly.

You definitely need to invest in a 3000! Was the yellow model Japan-only? Never seen one when I was browsing for it.


I’ve yet to transfer my save game but a quick go on Panekit seemed OK. Do PS1 games on here not support Analog?

There’s an option in CFW to unblock analogs. Maybe that would help? I’ll try.

RetroArch on this is pretty cool too. Just playing my favourite Mega Drive T&E SOFT golf game.


There’s analogue support - just not the right stick. Moving the camera can be a pain in Panekit.

Maybe there’s an option where you can hold a button to convert the left stick input to be a right stick


Ah yes, silly of me to overlook that.

I’ll have a look in the CFW options tomorrow. I’ve just run out of battery.


Hop on the psp go + cradle + component train.


I’m wondering if a Go would be better for me.


Psp go rocks. It’s my favorite way to play PSP on the go and the dock+controller support is icing on the cake.

Unfortunately there’s no way to use a micro SD with it.


I liked my go, which I bought in late 2009, but I think a lot of that was down to me upgrading from a launch window PSP-1000 series. So a huge upgrade to the screen and battery life there.

But after getting a brand new boxed 3000 series system in early 2016 I haven’t wanted to use my PSP go again.

The ergonomics on the Go are poor - there’s very little space below the D-Pad and buttons - and the low-profile buttons and D-Pad are a notable step down for heavy usage too. I also prefer the larger screen size on the 3000 model, since a lot of games have already-small text which is condensed to fit on the pixel grid.

A go sounds great when paired with the (unfortunately now very expensive) cradle and component cables), mind, but if you’re going from a 1000 I’d personally recommend the 3000 over it. The build quality on the Go is pretty suspect as well, with thin plastics that flex easily.



It’s pretty easy to sync two system’s saves via USB; I mentioned above that I was using Microsoft SyncToy the last few PSP games I played. The 3000 is certainly king for handheld – the d-pad especially is sublime – but it’s really nice to have TV play with the PSP go.

Also if you’re coming at this from the perspective of running PS1 games the PSP go’s party trick of running real 240p out at correct aspect ratio with really good compatibility is great.


Today I learned Ridge Racer 2 exists. Loved the first psp release. Apparently it was scheduled to be released in the US but was cancelled. From what i can find, its an expanded version of the first game with more tracks and more cars. I’m excited to track this one down.


I have both though! I’m just hesitant to recommend the Go given the cost of the cradle and cables. If you were to get one first, the 3000 wins out.

Ridge Racers 2 is sublime. European copies are dirt cheap (originally picked it up off the Japanese PS Store but rebought it due to digital region lock being frustrating) luckily. Unfortunately the campaign is the same easy grind for a few hours before it gets difficult.


The Go seems to be 1.5x to 2x the price of a 3000 here.

My 1000 is fine, but it’s creaky as hell and the battery life is not great.

On the other hand, if I’m using my Switch for RetroArch I’m not sure whether or not the PSP is a passing interest for me. We’ll see…


I’d be happy to sell you mine if you’d like. But it does have a single dead pixel on the screen…


So does my 1000 - annoying


I think my 1000 - or maybe it was a friend’s back in the day - had one too. Back then we weren’t used to such small pixels so it was hard to tell. It’s obvious on my Go though in the age of 300+dpi displays.


Actually my 1000 doesn’t have a dead pixel. Cleaned my screen. Oops.

Edit: OK yes it’s definitely has one but it doesn’t always show up. Seems to go to white only on certain screens.


@harborline_765 it’s possible to hook a DualShock 3 to a PSP Go and use the right analog stick. Not found anything so far for right analog on PSP.


There’s really no reason to get any psp model these days except for TV play. You should all get hacked Vita’s !