The pixel doubling that’s necessary on Vita to display PS1 and PSP games (haven’t looked into other formats but I’d imagine it’s necessary on all of them) isn’t great, really, since it eliminates the gaps between neighbouring pixels that you’d get at 1:1 native resolution.

The input lag playing PSP games on Vita is also especially noticeable, making certain genres of games like rhythm action titles unplayable.

If the Vita’s screen resolution was higher you might be able to get a pixel grid filter on the display but I still much prefer playing my PSP and JPN PS1 classic downloads on PSP.


Huh I haven’t noticed any lag in psp games but then again I think I’ve played mostly RPGs. Now I’m going to have to do a comparison !

The filter and scaling options in the adrenaline psp cfw are awesome and really help get rid of the blur along with adding psp like scanlines.


PSP games look noticeably better at native res than at 4x the resolution, even with adrenaline’s scanline filter. I can take some comparison photos later.

Also the buttons on PSP are much bigger. The d-pad especially on the PSP 3000 is sublime whereas the clicky stiff dpad on the vita isn’t to my tastes.


No need. I have every model of psp and vita and have done the Pepsi challenge.

I actually really like the vita dpad but I’m not sure I’d say I prefer it over the psp. The analog stick, and the advantages of dual analog, blow the PSPs away though.


I might be more sensitive to lag - when I was taking comparison photos of Tactics Ogre on PSP and Vita I noticed the lag even when moving through that game’s slick 60fps menus.

The PSP-3000 has the best mushy Sony D-Pad ever, but I have to say I prefer the Vita’s D-Pad. But the emulation lag when playing PSP and PS1 games negates that - the games just don’t feel crisp enough under the thumb.

That is cool, but the screen isn’t high res enough to recreate the pixel grid as you’d see it on a PSP. I think scanlines might work though.

Here are some old photos I took for the scanlines thread:





The pixel grid smoothens out the pixel art at both close and regular viewing distances.


I really need a PSP 3000. I never owned a PSP in my life. OLED Vita has been my only experience with Sony handhelds so far.


Text especially looks much nicer on the PSP in those examples. You should try the scanlines + bilinear filter with Adrenaline on Vita when you get a chance, though, it really helps.


It’s a fantastic device. Grab a memory duo to SD adapter and enjoy the fantastic PS1 and psp library on the go.

The 3k is nice and light and feels fantastic to play on. Battery life is decent too when you’re not using UMDs.


Even though the vast majority of my portable gaming has been on Nintendo hardware, the PSP 3000 has been very good to me. I actually got one for free from Sony though some kind of rewards program that had me playing online games for points. I’m really fuzzy on the details of it now, but it took me months of daily play (Jeopardy?) to earn enough for a PSP. Totally worth it though. :slight_smile:


They sold like 34 Vitas in my country. Good luck finding one.


So did basically every country except Japan :joy:


Almost bought a PSP 3000 this week, I’m away and found one locally with a dead battery £20. Offered to meet the guy and he made some excuses and then put the price up to £60. Erm, no.

So I’m still on my PSP 1000 for now. I ripped some of my Japanese golf games from CD to BIN to EBOOT and was puzzled that there was no CD Audio when playing on PSP. Googling showed that if you’re running CFW on your PSP there’s a plugin to enable CDDA. Works a treat.

It’s also possible to load on every version of POPS and use a plugin to select a version per game when playing PS1 games. Some earlier versions of POPS are known to run some games better than the later versions.


I haven’t used a 1000 series in a long while since I got a 2000 a decade ago. A friend of mine imported a Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep PSP 3000 last week and it was in near perfect condition. Looked basically brand new. I hacked it and loaded up some emulators on it and it looked great! You should definitely look into getting one but from someone more reliable than the guy you were gonna meet.

I have noticed that they have gone up in price a bit, at least since I last checked here in the states. I was looking on ebay and the slim models go for around $100 with the 1000 models averaging around $60.

I’ve never really bothered with using different versions of POPS since most of the games I play run fine but I wasn’t aware that some games ran better. That’s cool and also slightly annoying since I just assumed that the latest version would be the best. What games don’t run well in general that would benefit?


It’s that some games run using earlier POPS versions and don’t run, or break, using the later or final versions.

Here’s a long list:


@Fallen92 I’m playing a fairly “straight” golf game, Jun Classic CC & Rope Club, but in my limited testing earlier POPS versions have graphical errors resulting in gaps between 3D polygons. Very early versions don’t recognise my save game. Mid versions seem to have a smoother framerate for this game, but don’t quote me on that.


Is 32GB the max size of the Memory Stick Pro Duo? Is there a converter for microSD wthat ISN’T a chinese little shit?


I highly doubt you’ll find a micro SD adapter that isn’t made in China and the ones that are work just fine. They are even on Amazon these days.


32 GB is the max you’ll get from an actual memory stick. I wasnt satisfied by the performance of SD card through the adapters I tried so I bought a MS Pro-HG Duo HX card to use in my PSP 3000. It’s probably overkill but it does feel marginally faster than any other PSP setup I’ve used.


That’s good to know. I was wondering whether or not to go MicroSD.


My findings…

(I’ll add to this if I discover anything else)

POPS notes
3.02 first version
3.02 - 3.11 minor graphical glitches
3.30 fixed minor graphical glitches
3.30 added fast disc loading mode
3.40 + new memory card file format (use cwcheatpops plugin to convert saves either way)
3.71 + support for multi-disc game EBOOTs
4.01 + no CD Audio (use cddaenabler plugin)
5.00 ? smoother screen updates than 3.40 (need to bisect to pinpoint when it changed)
6.00 ? faster gameplay in certain circumstances (need to bisect)
6.00 added custom zoom screen mode
6.60 final version