Please help me Welcome the "My Life in Gaming" guys to the RGB community!

Really excited for the PS2 RGB episode!

Thankfully DF and MLiG focus on different topics. I’d hate to chose between the two!

I updated the OP when I learned of Marc’s name. He’ll go by Try4ce.

Seriously? That is awesome! They’re the only video game channel that doesn’t make me cringe with stupid humor. Probably the only channel that gives a lot of information and history on consoles. Welcome guys!

I agree there’s no cringe. These guys don’t try to be video game “personalities.” Rather, they just research stuff well and give the information in a nice digestible format as themselves with really good production value. It’s a bullshit free and enjoyable format.

And also, the videos are well paced, which is rare on youtube. Usually, they’re too long or too short on other channels.


Awesome news! Welcome!

Hey everyone! This is Marc/Try/Try4ce… most people online call me Try, but whatever is fine! I’m really happy to see this board here! Like Coury said, whenever we released a big retro tech video, we would lurk over on GAF to see what people in the relevant threads were saying about it. I’m glad that we can join in on the conversation here!

One thing to be up front about: don’t mistake us as being smarter than we really are! We are not modders or electrical engineers. We’re video editors who happen to really like getting good video quality from our consoles. It took us a long time to get as far as we have with the whole RGB thing, and we continue to learn so much with every episode we do. We research, test, and get fact-checking done by the really smart people in the community who really understand what’s going on under the hood. Once we’ve wrapped our heads around the topic in terms that we can understand, we’re ready to make an episode!

I’m super deep into editing the PS2 RGB episode. It’s around 1 hour long! At one point it was looking to be slightly longer than the Game Boy video, but I cut some fat and now it’s probably going to be just a bit shorter (still looking to be just over an hour, though). People keep asking how PS2 could be so complicated, but I think it boils down to a few things… one, sync-on-green is a big pain if you go the RGB route… and two, I think it’s worth exploring in-depth how 480i is handled across a variety of scenarios, since 480i is the big elephant in the room when it comes to PS2. Another thing is that PS3 backwards compatibility turned out to be a lot more interesting than I expected! I hadn’t touched PS2 BC on PS3 in years, but it turns out to be really cool… even if it’s hard to recommend due to console reliability.

I would really like to have it done within a week, but two weeks might be more realistic… it’s always really hard to guess! I just picked up Super Mario Odyssey and I really wish I could play it now, but I’ve gotta stay focused! I’ll enjoy the game more if I can get immersed in it when I feel free.

One more thing I’d like to leave in my introductory post is The Backloggery, a game backlog tracking site. I’m one of the founding members of the site, and I’ve known the owner, Drumble, since way back on the IGN GameCube forums. The site’s 10th birthday was this August, and Drum has been in the middle of building a full-on “remake” for quite some time (you might catch pieces of the remake code in some parts of the site already, but most of it is admittedly a bit dated!). We’ve got an excellent community, and it’s even how Coury and I got to be friends. Drum and I do live streams on The Backloggery every Monday evening from 7pm to 11pm Eastern - usually trying to make backlog progress. You can find my Backloggery page here.

I only just recently succumbed to 100 Unfinished games with the release of Fire Emblem Warriors… this PS2 video has ruined my backlog! Hopefully I’ll get back under with our My Life in Gaming marathon we’ll be doing for Extra Life on November 4!


Hey, that’s fantastic. Welcome and I look forward to lots of discussion with you guys.

That’s why you grab the attention of peeps like me too. I couldn’t stand any further from your average tech-person’s profile, yet your videos lure me in each time, and I go back an forth your playlist, rewatching past episodes, for the pleasure of learning something new, or going over older topics with a more educated approach.

Also, I didn’t know you were a founder over Backloggery. I love that site, and - even if I must confess I don’t take any advantage of its social side - it’s my one and only way to go for keeping track of my collection online. :slight_smile:

Wow, nearly an hour on PS2 alone! The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper.

I have both official component cables and a shielded RGB cable from retro_console_accessories on eBay, so I’m really interested to hear what your findings are. I couldn’t see much difference so I ended up using the official component cables in my setup for the DVD compatibility. But I also never had the chance to do a true side by side comparison.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Framemeister makes it pretty hard to do a side-by-side comparison due to the noise that the Framemeister itself causes. I’ll try to not spoil too much, but I feel that the main takeaway is that it’s hard to go wrong with either as long as you bought good cables.

That’s what I figured. Unfortunately, there are a ton of crappy component cables on PS2 especially out there. I personally haven’t found one other than the official cable that gave me a picture that I liked.

I’m not that in the loop regarding 480i controversy so I’m really interested to hear about that. I have yet to test 480i PS2 on my PVM but it’s something that’s been on my mind.

It basically comes down to it being an interlaced signal. I won’t go into it since I’m sure MLiG has got it covered!

I play my ps2 in 480i on my PVM frequently. I like the look of it. The lag is much, much better than my BC PS3 as well. I’m not very sensitive to lag but it was very noticeable even playing NCAA Football. I’m a heathen; I like playing sport games.

When I hear interlaced I think “flicker”. But my understanding is the implementation could introduce varying degrees of flicker?

Well, 480i on a PVM looks fantastic! Through most of the PS2’s heyday, I was playing on a PC CRT with an S-video to VGA scaler, and then on an HD CRT that deinterlaced. I didn’t really develop an appreciation for 480i games in their natural 15kHz form until more recently. It’s remarkable how clean many PS2 games can look in 480i on a PVM! Sure, there’s the flicker, but if you put that aside, the geometry edges look surprisingly good!

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Get out. (jk).

I prefer the look of 480i on my PVM 20M2U over my PVM 20L5. For some reason, the alternating rows of pixels each frame blend a little better on the lower res display.

That is awesome, I didn’t think the PS2 would really benefit from RGB, but I am curious to what it would look like on RGB. I currently use an S-Video cable plugged directly into a Samsung LCD and I have been very happy with the image quality.

This gets me excited for getting my PS2 running on my 14M2U :smile: