Please help me Welcome the "My Life in Gaming" guys to the RGB community!

Cory and Marc from My Life in Gaming have agreed to join RGB. Corey will be known here as CoreyC, and Marc will be Try4ce. If you don’t know what My Life in Gaming is, then you have a whole awesome Youtube channel to discover. I’m not very into Youtube, myself, and sometimes I think I know everything there is to know about setting up my old consoles for RGB.

But when I watch MLiG, the minutes fly by, and I find myself shockingly entertained. More importantly, I always find myself learning something new about our hobby that I’ve never known before from their RGB Master Class series. It’s safe to say, they’re the reason why my setup is so clean and why girls don’t walk out in disgust when they see how many systems I have hooked up at once.

Please help me give them a warm welcome to the community!



Woohoo welcome!!

Welcome MLiG! Love watching the videos and RE-Watching the videos.

Watching an MLiG episode warrants throwing it up on my 55" OLED and soaking in the production quality.

I’ve rewatched the “RGB Series” episodes constantly to fill in gaps of knowledge, or rewatch them to remind myself what sort of cable or switcher to buy.

Happy to have MLiG aboard!

Fantastic channel. I really like the streams where they just relax and play some stuff. The SOTN one with John (dark1x) is probably my favorite.

I also really dig the intro to the show. The intro music is so dope.

That’s huge, awesome news!

And of course, Corey and Marc:

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I’m going to join in on the MLiG gushing! Love your videos and I’m it will be great to see you guys here!

Most days at work I sit down and watch one of MLiG’s videos.

I LOVE your channel, especially the “Getting the best picture from your GB” episode. Welcome!

Not familiar with their (your) work. Willing to give it a shot. Any recommended videos?

Very awesome! Welcome!!

RGB master class series. They start basic, but then get really interesting in the later episodes.

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Hey everyone, thanks for the warm welcome! I’m glad to see lots of familiar names here - Try and I never had GAF accounts, but we spent a lot of time lurking in the RetroGAF threads. I’m happy that a new home has been created and that we get to be a part of it! Its been a long time since I’ve really participated in a forum (last place I was really active was on the forums).

We’re hoping that you enjoy what we have upcoming soon - I’m wrapping up a video on the Saturn’s CD drive replacement, and Try is super deep in the PS2 RGB episode. We’re really gonna do our best to get episodes out more often, and to do more documentaries like the Night Trap one we did!

Anyway, happy to be here, and thanks for having us!


Ohh, PS2 is coming next? Nice!
I’m looking forward to see how you guys tackled the almighty interlaced nightmare. :grin:


I really enjoy the videos. They’ve been some of my favorites since I first saw the Framemiester video. Great stuff!

Def the best retro show on YT; zero information is left out of the subjects they cover. It’ll be neat to have the chance to talk to you guys directly.


The MLiG videos are quintessential viewing for anyone getting into the retro gaming scene. The videos were always huge conversations pieces for us and I look forward to continuing the talk in a place that MLiG is Part of!

Good to have you guys on here!

+1 for watch the RGB Master Class playlist/series

My god you’re in for a treat.

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Welcome, and thanks for joining our community! But more importantly thank you for your amazing work on MLiG! I think most of us on this board would agree that you guys have one of the best, if not the best channel on Youtube (Maybe fighting with DF Retro for top honours).