Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee looks... well.. idk

I can’t really decide whether I’m digging this direction for the franchise. I really did not get into PokemonX (the last Pokemon game I attempted) because it felt like not much has changed in the series from a gameplay perspective.

I think the casualization of Let’s Go is the right move here… as long as the battles actually feel fun to play and the single player offers some sort of legitimate challenge that has been missing so far.

I also find it interesting that they confirmed another Pokemon RPG is in the works for 2019. I wonder how different that project will be from this year’s release.

What are your thoughts?

Pokemon games for me have evolved ( :smirk: ) into something way, way too involved. I just wanna catch something, level it, and battle. Don’t wanna worry about stats and breeding and shiny and whatever other things they have introduced. That’s just me though.

Pokemon Go was awesome for a while but was too basic to hold my attention. If this game can add a bit more depth and complexity to that formula it could be great I think.

I was super into everything I was seeing until the no battling with random encounters. I also haven’t played a Pokemon since Pokemon Black and White. Mostly because I put way way too much time and effort into getting the “proper” stats for no reason at all since I only ever do the game and never battle anyone irl or anything. So it’s not that I don’t still enjoy the games, it’s just that I know what I’m in for before starting one. :c

I think it looks great and the Pokemon go support is genius. It’s not a mainline Pokemon game so I welcome this as a fun side quest

As someone who was just a bit too old to get into pokemon the first gen. I feel like I missed this huge Nintendo culture touchstone. Its like not caring about Mario or Zelda or something. I want to jump in but sometimes its either boring or too much going on for me to wrap my brain around. I know every game has to be someone’s first pokemon. I just wish I could find one that could hold my hand enough but isn’t super dated.

I want to like Pokemon…

I have always ignored and will continue to ignore these stats lol. They’ve been around in some form the entire time (and Shiny since Gen 2), but I have literally never needed to think about them.

Yeah, I can’t ignore them. My brain just won’t allow it lol.

I played blue/red/yellow growing up and then didn’t touch a single on till the 3ds games. I’ve beat every 3ds game without paying attention to any of the advanced stats. One of my “gaming goals” is too go back and play through the games from the beginning and transfer my Pokemon to the following game

So after reading this. This actually looks like a good place to start. I am suddenly excited.

I know that feel. :c

I know it may be nostalgia talking, but I still think the best games in the series are the remakes of the first 2 generations. Fire Red/Leaf Green and Soul Silver/Heart Gold.

Are those the GBA ones? If so, I actually had one of them but it got jacked from my desk when I was subbing at a high school

Those sounds like my jam. I’m gonna have to get those.

Fire Red and Leaf Green are GBA ones while Soul Silver and Heart Gold were DS.

Wow, sounds intense.

Gen 1 only for you then?

Basically. These Fire and Leaf versions sound perfect for me!

Sorry friendo, but those also have breeding and IV EV stats.

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Backlog has decreased by 2!

Yeah, I think this will be the first main game in the series I skip. It’s a weird one, though. One of the lead designers/directors/I forget on the series (I think it might have been Matsuda actually) said that the next generation of games will be more traditional following the reaction to these games.

I find that strange - I was actually expecting the main series to innovate instead of this new line of remakes. But where Let’s Go does shake things up I’m not particularly sure it is being done for the right reasons. A lot of the new mechanics and ideas seem like they are there because Pokémon Go did them.

I think Generation 1 and 3 have the best overworld design of the entire series, since they encourage exploration and freedom. Let’s hope that aspect of the series is embraced by the remakes, at least. New Pokémon maps are far too linear with depressingly easy puzzle elements.