Alright RGB'ers, moment of truth. Are you getting Pokemon Let's Go?


Simple question really. I’m on the fence about it. I’ve played a few pokemon games in my life - Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Heart Gold, and Pokemon X. The thing is, however, that I could only get into Blue as a kid, and the others felt, honestly, kind of boring and derivative. The games just haven’t changed enough. However, my love for Pokemon Blue was so strong back in the day and it was THE thing that took up most of my attention when it came out.

That said, every time a new generation of Pokemon comes around I want to jump back into it out of nostalgia. And Let’s Go seems aimed directly at a lapsed fan such as myself. The question for me though is: Is this going to be a fun game?

My issues with Pokemon are entirely with the battle system. You’re limited to 4 moves. And all of it seems very one-dimensional during the single player experience. NPCs have stupid, unbalanced parties.

If you DO want to enjoy the complexity I’ve heard about in the multiplayer experience, you need to invest countless hours leveling up and breeding your monsters and balancing them while reading a guide and paying attention to stats (some of which are hidden from what I understand). All of the complexity is unlocked only after doing insanely mundane and repetitive tasks.

To me, this isn’t fun gameplay. That said, Pokemon are iconic and the game is tugging at my nostalgic heart. I just feel like it’s the type of game that appeals either to very casual players, or very serious players - and I tend to fall in the middle of those two groups - and I’m sure most of you on RGB are in the same boat.

So, I’m going to probably buy it, but with some serious reservations… unless a bunch of other people on RGB buy it with me and want to play with me online :slight_smile:. Who’s down? If enough people are on board, I’m grabbing it day one. It’s the type of game I’m only willing to play if other people are going to play along with me.


I’m grabbing it but mainly because I play Pokemon go(POGO) with a group of friends who are also all getting " Let’s Go"

I’m looking forward to the POGO integration and hope they do expand it overtime. Right now it’s just for trading from POGO to let’s go.

I think the art style looks wonderful and the gameplay looks like a fun, casual, game to play. The more complicated and tedius things like breeding have been removed so you just have to worry about catching/trading a Pokemon with good stats

At the end of the day the trainer battles are still the traditional battles that you don’t really seem to enjoy so I’m not sure it’ll be a great fit for you.


I really don’t like the changes they’ve made but my wife is getting the Switch hardware bundle w/ Pikachu so I’m going to get Eevee to play with her.


My kids would kill me if I didn’t (that’s my story and I’m sticking with it! :slight_smile:)


I just bought my switch and have fire emblem to play through atm so I’ll wait a few months till after my anthem/smash fever dies down.

I haven’t been interested much in pokemon for years either. After the gbc series I stopped enjoying them as much but had renewed interest with X/Y due to seeing my childhood Pokemon in 3D. I was enjoying the game for the first 10 hours and then my friend who got the game explained the EV way of getting the best stats Pokemon. I got hooked on trying it until I realized I missed out on a few games. I ended up dropping X and not finishing it even. It made me realize I’m too old to waste my time with stuff like that and should just do the main quest. I’ll get to a Lets Go Game later in 2019 most likely and I’ll play it to enjoy the games core stuff and not competitive battling


I hear ya man.


That’s how I’ve always played pokemon. I beat the game with what I find along the way and that’s that. I like that the depth is there for those who want it but if you want to just cruise through it with random shit you can.


I can’t stand Pokemon so nope, I won’t be getting it​:yum::yum:


The best way to play it is to just treat it like the childhood tale of growing up that it is and not get focused on the minutiae IMO. You set out with Mom’s blessing and go make a life of Pokémon and fun and friends until you save the world and then it’s back to shooting dudes in the face in Black Ops.


Eh… the battles against trainers are just too easy unless I’m not remembering things correctly. They always have dumb parties where they exclusively use one type of pokemon that allow you to just spam 1-2 moves and be done with it. SMT IV - a game which I still consider to have a ton of faults - really showed me how one-dimensional Pokemon’s battle system still is. At least that game required you to think and plan carefully.


I don’t see the point in this thread when you’re just looking for excuses not to play the game in question.


Guess you’re right. I want to love it, but I probably won’t. :cry:


Of course I will pick this up. As one who was there in the humble days of red and blue I’m hoping to immerse myself again collecting these monsters


I’m not, primarily because I’m many games behind and don’t want to start a new one. It’s either finish FireRed or nothing.