PS1 Appreciation/Collectors Thread of Ugly-Ass Polygons


I know some games with native widescreen support. Wip3out SE and Colin McRae Rally, p.e.



In fact 2 of the 3 golf games in playing have widescreen support. But the third one doesn’t and I wondered if it was possible to hack in widescreen support.



Writing my reply to you about the first two games and seeing how much they resemble each other I figured I would poke around to see if anything regarding Wide View was still in the game. There was, and it turns out the feature is still there and can be enabled relatively easily!

The first sign of success was using CWCHEAT (I’d much rather recommend TempAR for this; I discovered it after doing this hack) on PSP to browse through game memory. I found references to Wide View (as well as some other stuff leftover from the previous games). Check it out:

I then switched to my Mac and used a memory browser on RetroArch, meaning I had multi-tasking so I could see the changes in realtime as I toggled the various settings. The values are all next to each other in memory:


Changing the 00 to 01 and starting a game meant we were done!

Here’s how the three settings screens look:

Masters: Shin Harukanaru Augusta

  • all settings have their own icon


Pebble Beach no Hatou PLUS

  • the two camera options are combined into one


Jun Classic C.C. & Rope Club

  • wide mode removed, vibration added


The beauty of this approach memory editing approach is that the game saves the changed value with my save, so there’s no need to reapply the cheat every game. I just load and it’s done.

A little bit more work is required to make the cheat into an Action Replay code so it can be easily enabled/disabled on demand.

Edit: I did this AR code today and it was a pretty huge waste of time. Ah well.

With more time I’d look to see if an 8th icon could be re-enabled on the settings, and even see if Sound Test could be brought back (doubtful as the art files for it are not on disc).


I figured out why they removed widescreen mode - it’s not compatible with some of the cutscene movies used in the game (the ones where it plays cutscene and has game graphics overlaid, not full-screen videos). The game crashes to a black screen. So I have to disable the memory hack it from time-to-time.

I’ll see if I can create a cheat code that will enable it only on certain setup screens.