PS1 Appreciation/Collectors Thread of Ugly-Ass Polygons


I bought Silent Bomber a few years back, but haven’t opened it yet. I’ve only ever heard great things, though.


Really like Silent Bomber, believe I’ve played most of it, but ended up stuck on a boss in a lift.


The PS1 is the console that brought me back in to console gaming. I was a PC only gamer at the time.

Has anyone played Panzer Bandit? I hardly hear anyone talk about it and it’s one of my favorite games on the system.


I put a lot of time into the Armored Core series when I revisited and began collecting for the PS1 in high school. Talk about ugly ass polygons. But PS1 AC was the business.


Totally. For me is up there as one of the best imports on the system. Very fun combat system.


Yeah, it’s no Guardian Heroes but it’s worth playing.

And Silent Bomber is good, too. I remember renting that one.


Some more love from me to Sony’s best PlayStation!


Why do so many people love the OG PS1 controller? It’s been over a decade since I’ve held one. Is it just nostalgia? Or is it better built than the dual shock?


I just use it to mix things up, but for most PS1 games that are d-pad based anyhow, it’s just a less cluttered and lighter controller to play with.


It’s the only d-pad I have had snap in half while playing.


Anyone else got a Debug PS1? I did a video on it sometime ago. Kid I bought it off of said it was one of Psygnosis Studio’s ones, guess his dad worked for them at one point.



I have Ben from Ifixretro fixing/replacing my disc drive on my 7000 series PS1. He is tossing in a new mod chip and putting my PSIO board in because he is already doing everything. Is there anything else I should be doing for maintenance? Are PS1 prone to having bad caps or anything that needs reworking?


Got some goodies coming my way. I haven’t had time to do any modding lately so I contacted ifixretro and he did some things for me.

PSIO chip came in (now waiting for the PSIO itself)

New Bypass chip so I can play my imports again!


Would love to hear some impressions of the PSIO. I’m all for complete Disc Drive replacements for all of my systems, they’re just to finicky as they age…


Waiting for my PSI0 still but I thought I would try some games I never tried before (and 2 i did but not in English).


Ok, Working Designs is amazing and I want to love this game. But holy hell is this game hard to control. I also went 45 minutes between saves. Despite thinking it looks and sounds amazing I just don’t know if I have the energy to play this unless I buy it for PS Vita because I could put it down when I want.

Gradius Gaiden:

Its gradius, I don’t know why I keep buying these games. I don’t know if I actually like them and I never beat the NES one (i did beat life force however).

Gradius Collection:

More of the same but its more familiar as its not that remixed.


Man I really dig a lot of what this game is doing except when you die because you have to go back a ways. I will need to play more of this game.

R-Type Delta:

Both this and Einhander really look amazing in the low poly way. The game is balls hard and I am only enjoying it on easy. Unfortunately my disc isnt’ wanting to read so I might just wait for the PSIO to play it again.


I had this game back in the day and I loved it. I tried it again and man, its still great. Unfortunately, I imported it back in the day and I didn’t have a english copy. When I tried to find the US copy I was like wtf. So I burned it and gave it a go.


Ok, this game is kind of rad but I can’t figure out what I am supposed to do. I don’t know how often I got stuck on the first level of a game but here i am.

In the Hunt:

Someone on the Saturn thread mentioned this one as its basically Metal Sub (not slug) - the humor. Its probably my favorite of the games I played this weekend. I need to get a joy stick for these shmups as the the dpad is kind of a pain in the ass to use. I need to see if my other controllers feel as stiff as the one I was using.

Anyway, I can’t get over how much I still love the PS1. I have a list of games I never finished on it and I intend to remedy that. I really want to finish Vagrant Story. I hear its not too long so maybe I will just start over.

I wonder if rom hacking sites have people who turned on the analogue controls for some of these games. I got so used to playing PS1 games on the vita that I took for granted you could map the D Pad controls onto the analogue stick.


You are working on a couple of real gems. Tomba is even one of my all time favorite games. So much so that it is one of the few games that I have had to ban myself from replaying since I’ve already beaten it so many times and I need to play so many other things. Something about a side scrolling adventure game that really gets me and I can’t think of any other games quite like it. Feels like an action based point and click adventure at times with a ton to do. Get the tornado from the mailbox basicly right behind when you start and use it to clear the fog, then continue along the path to see the 100 year old man. There is probably like 20 other events you can get in on on the way to see him, but that is the first “main” events.

Alundra is also worth the time, and I can’t really remember control or save issues. I did play it back when it was fresh though so it may just be things of it’s time.

Being shitty at shmups I had the same experience as you with Einhander and R-Type Delta. Both great games though that I was able to finish in time, but really hard for me.


That looks like a clean install on the PSIO chip. I am hoping to get one some day.


Gradius sometimes bounces off of me and sometimes not. It really depends on which one I’m playing. Einhander is so good. I paid like $40 for it a few years ago because I got tired of not having it in my collection despite having played and enjoyed it at release years before. It’s now worth a little more than that. R-Type Delta I picked up eons ago in a Game Crazy store. Remember them?! It was like $6 during the end of the PS1 era. I got a whole bunch of great stuff during that time for a song. Hard to believe how much stuff like that is worth today. It’s an excellent game. Really pretty for a PS1 game.

Klonoa and Tomba! I bought via PS3 so I can play them on my PS3 or PSP. Klonoa 2 was massively successful with my kids when they were small. The oldest adored that game. The original is just as good IMO. I haven’t messed with Tomba yet though I know it’s loved by many.

I assume “Into the Deep” is “In the Hunt”?


Yeah, you are right. I don’t know why I keep doing that.


I’ve mainly been playing my PS1 games on PS2 but decided to pull out my old PS1 and try it out, as well as manage some of the save games on the memory card since my PS2 doesn’t show one of them in the system menu, it works fine in-game though. PS1 still works great and looks great on my PVM. I do have one concern though, I feel as though I’m being lied to or something but everywhere I look people are saying that their Dualshock 2 controllers are backwards compatible with their PS1 but that just isn’t the case for me. It sucks because the only PS1 controller I have is some trash third party one I was given back in the 90’s and it feels bad. So are PS2 controllers supposed to work on the PS1?

Edit: Sorry I just noticed this was posted as a reply to Kawika, I didn’t mean to since it has nothing to do with his previous comment, sorry.