PS1 Appreciation/Collectors Thread of Ugly-Ass Polygons


Hey guys, I’m interested in early Namco ps1 games, already have RR, Tekken and Starblade Alpha, but budget is tight, so…

Galáxian 3 or Cybersled?


Einhander is just amazing. Its really something how Square knocked it out of the park the first time. The soundtrack, the mechanical detail of the enemies, even the simple voiced relay of information at the end of a level.

Was it actually developed internally? Also i cant get enough of the soundtrack👍🏽


Never even heard of Galaxian 3, but Cybersled is pretty garbage.


Yes, Einhander was developed in house.


Galaxian 3 was one of those gigantic arcade machines that they brought home. It was peak Namco Arcade craziness.



Apparently square hasn’t forgotten…

The Fei one is already up for preorder on various sites, including official Square online store. Going to be a rare exception in my “no toys and figures” rule. Been breaking that rule more and more over the last year…Damn you amiibo.


So glad I jumped on a copy of Einhander years ago before the price started getting really high. It was a game I rented several times back when it first came out, but definitely something that I like having in my collection now.

Unfortunately I missed the boat on R-type Delta and not willing to bite the bullet on a copy. :frowning:


I bought a copy of Einhander more than 15 years ago for, I think, $20. I remember thinking it was pretty underpriced on the shelf at that time and that I needed to jump on it. Only become more true since then…


The copy i have now, luckily snagged from a thrift store for 4 bucks complete 2 years or so ago. The one i had before, i think i traded to toys r us or something.


I essentially paid the new price when I got mine a couple years ago IIRC. I could’ve bought Einhander for as low as $20 in the past. It always held its value really well. I just finally decided I better snatch one up or it’ll get out of reach like so many other games.

PS1 games are still rather affordable for the most part. Now is the time to make the last stand before things start really getting out of hand because you know they will. As PS3 truly fades into the ether, we lack a way to play this stuff on modern machines. That’s usually the sign that prices will start going up.


Personally love Cybersled, but be aware it’s very short and easy and the multiplayer is rather lacking (forced first-person view with bad framerate)


So I’m having a bit of a Suikoden II dilemma.

A recent Retronauts episode rekindled my appreciation for this series, which then lead to an almost uncontrollable urge to play Suikoden II. The problem I’m facing is that I really would prefer to play this on a CRT.

The “no expense spared” option would be to just get a physical copy off eBay that I could easily play on my PS1 or PS2 that’s hooked up to a Trinitron. But I’ve never paid $150 for a single game at once and I’m having trouble getting past that. Obviously I’ve spent a lot more over the years on my entire collection (not even considering MMOs) but the mental block is real. Even so, look at this sad situation:

Option #2 is a little more unconventional, but I could play the PSN copy of the game that’s on my PSP and connect it to my TV via a component cable. I’ve never actually done that before (and don’t own the cable yet) so I’m not sure how that would look and play. This is definitely the cheapest choice as it would just be the price of that cable. Potential downside to this option is that I’m not sure I could import my Suikoden 1 save file into the PSP. (I don’t think Memcardrex supports importing saves back into the PSP)

Option #3 would involve modchips and whatnot. The PSIO mentioned above looks fantastic, but I’m not confident in my soldering skills to risk screwing up my 1997 Xmas present PSX. I’m fortunate to have a model with a parallel port, so something like UniROM looks appealing, but damned if I can find which Gameshark I’d need to buy - plus getting it installed looks annoying enough that I’d gladly pay someone for something with it preinstalled, but doesn’t look like anyone does that. Or spend $60 and get a second unit that’s already been modded with an MM3? Get a cheap unit, buy the chip, and try my hand at modding it myself?

Overthinking this? Probably. :slight_smile: Any opinions? If I’m honest it wouldn’t take much to convince me to just “invest” in the original disc at this point. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you have the Memory Card Adapter for PS3 you can use that and a PS3 or PC to import the Suikoden 1 save into your Suikoden 2 virtual memory card.

FWIW my solution to most of the more expensive games on PS1 is to just buy them on PSN and burn a disc to use on my real PS1.


That’s a good idea, I had forgotten about the memory card adapters. Unfortunately I don’t have one. Looking at current prices…yikes.


The methods can be tricky but I think depending on which model of either PS2 and PS1 you have you could try burning a copy and using the disc swap trick to run off an unmodified console


Go for the no expense spared option. It will feel so good playing it on native hardware.

And you’ll complete your collection. I’m not a fan of burning money on expensive games for the hell of it… but you’re a fan of this series and clearly will enjoy it.


What about playing on a PS3 with your already owned digital copy with the system hooked to a CRT? Surely that should work as an option? I think that’s the cheapest next to your PSP option.


Works if you want all your PS1 games running in 480i.


True. My bad… Seems like the best bet if you want to play in 240p is to splurge on the game.


:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: