PS1 Appreciation/Collectors Thread of Ugly-Ass Polygons


My thoughts exactly.


I’m a few hours in to Panekit. Just an fantastic sandbox exploration and building game. Sort of like Meccano meets Minecraft.

Astonishingly it was released 20 years ago in 1998!


I’m trying to get a guncon setup for my ps1. I was browsing ebay and saw a foot pedal. Is this something I need? Trying to get an arcade experience.


Which games are you planning on playing? There’s two Time Crisis’ for PS1, which would use the foot pedal. And I can’t remember if Point Blank ever used them, but there’s three of those.

I’m assuming that any PS2 gun games would also be backwards compatible with the gun and pedal setup, so that opens up a few more things.


I plan on getting the time crisis games since that’s what I played in the arcades. Right now I have elemental gearbolt, biohazard gun survivor and endgame for the ps2. I think I also have Time Crisis 2 on ps2.


Just got through playing elemental gearbolt. After watching the cutscenes and reading the story I still have no idea what the hell happened in this game. Had some pretty good music. It’s starts you on easy mode which was really easy. The last boss was the only trouble I had. Overall I’d recommend it if you get it at a cheap price.



The US release is apparently much harder, if you want a challenge and the story in English


I’m playing RE2 right now and it’s put me on such a ps1 kick.

I’m playing Claire A right now and having a great time. There’s something about this art style that does it for me. I think the game looks gorgeous !


Been playing resident evil gun survivor all night. I don’t get why it has such a negative reputation. I’ve been really enjoying it. It classic resident evil. It’s got multiple routes so it encourages replays. Plus it’s actually pretty long for a light gun game.


Too bad the US version doesn’t qualify as a light gun game. It’s just a super slow FPS. But I agree, it is a fun time. Classic RE vibes.


I’m actually playing the japanese version with the light gun so I guess that might be why I’m having more fun with it. Everything is in english except item names so it’s super easy to play.


You’ve convinced me, I ordered Biohazard Gun Survivor. It’s cheap and I’m interested to try it.


Rip. I think I killed my PS1. I was playing it and it froze. Now it won’t read games. Anyone have any success adjusting the laser.


You can try, it’s a tedious project tweaking the TOC screw though. Only tiny adjustments and leave the casing off while you test, because you will need to tweak.

I got a sideways PS1 to read again in normal horizontal position, however it went back to not working again over time. OG PS1’s have a tendency to fail over time, the PSones have better laser pickups.


Is there any appreciable difference between an OG PS1 and a PSOne other than size and looks?


The lack of I/O port on the mini PSOne. That’s it.

The PSOne looks much better though.


The UI and memory card utility has a different look.

I may be imagining things but I’ve also found the laser in PSone units to be more reliable than original units.


Yeah, I think Sony changed the laser later in the PS1-life, meaning some of those have a better laser, but all PSOnes have, so that is the safer pickup if you want your machine to last.


As with all PlayStation models the chips were revised.

The PSone notably fixes a GPU bug that was present in PS1. Graphics look a little different in a few games, and some will not run.