PS1 Appreciation/Collectors Thread of Ugly-Ass Polygons


Do you know which ones?

I know there are a small list of PS1 games that won’t run on PS2s, but I never heard of PS1 PSOne incompatibility.


Got my PS1 back up in running. I tweaked it just a little and also cleaned the laser. Now it’s working great. I do have a slim ps1. Only reason I use the original is because it’s modded. I’ve looked at modchips for the slim and it looks a lot easier to install than I thought it would be.


Yes, you have it correct. My mistake


I’ll have to get a PSOne soon, I hate to put undue stress on my PS2 and my original PS1 is flaky at best.


I play 90% of my PS2 and PS1 games from USB drive on my PS2. The drive mechanism can enjoy early retirement.


I mostly emulate PS1 these days, due to the convenience and the flakiness of my old PS1.PS1 emulation is so solid I have little reason to do anything else. Come to think of it, I honestly hardly touch PS2 games these days.


Last I checked running ps1 off the hdd was a terrifying experience. Have things improved?


I just received Biohazard Gun Survivor! Along with hand-written thank you note, an origami paper swan, a pack of gummy bears, a green tea tea bag, and some powder in a tube, not sure if stevia or coffee haha. I love buying stuff from Japan.

The game itself looks very good, but the default controller options are terrible. If this is how it showed up in the west, I can understand the criticism. I was able to cross the restaurant relatively easily, had a lot of trouble with the dogs, and completely failed at the next weird rampant enemy. The “You died” screen is ominous haha

Now, how do you use the guncon with it?


Yes. Use:


  • OPL-DB, which adds a PS1 games menu

PC (Windows VM works OK):

  • PSXVCD, to convert your ISO/BIN/etc to VCD (Virtual CD)
  • OPL manager, to massage your PS1 USB drive game library


Oh boy I’m going to have to look into this ! And you’re running them from usb or the internal drive ?

To be clear I use an internal drive and opl currently


It’ll work for you :100:

I use USB on a PStwo (slim) but the software suite above was created initially for people running from internal HDD like you.


To be clear that still uses POPS which is not very good on PS2.

There’s a compatibility list here which is already full of reds, but I’ll note I’ve found lists like that to be wildly optimistic in the past.


Personally - through my use over the past few months - I’ve found 2 of my games that wont run. For those I just put the disc in. YMMV

No need to panic or spread FUD though, you know?


It’s not FUD just stuff I personally don’t want to deal with anymore.

Even beyond “game won’t start” reports there are a lot of cases of bugs showing up partway through a game or graphical issues that just aren’t reported at all. I’ve done this kinda stuff for a long time and things like losing 2 hours of gameplay in an RPG due to a bug in an emulation layer isn’t good.


I get that you don’t approve.

Given that we’re all different, thankfully, it might be fine for other people. So I’d encourage anybody interested to just give it a go and come to their own conclusion.


It looks like compatibility is definitely improving from the last time I looked at it. I’m glad they are continuing to make progress with it!


I bought some ugly green copies of Final Fantasy games, one of which is a NIB silver backed late reprint:


Am I the only one that doesn’t most forms of “Greatest Hits” packaging to be ugly?


You’re missing a word but I have a rule that I don’t buy GH for systems where I don’t already have them from many years ago. So all my PS2, Xbox, Wii, and 360 games are non-GH, but PS1, GC, and PS3 are fair game to get the budget re-releases.

For PS1 at least I find the green to look pretty bad on a shelf but at they tend to be much cheaper than original editions and you can sometimes still find them new like with FF9.


I don’t necessarily consider them “ugly” but I do consider them “different” and would always prefer to have the standard packaging. May just be an OCD thing for me since even with systems where the “standard” packaging and branding changed a few times over it’s lifespan, so it’s not like it’s the same standard look across my shelf, I still prefer the non greatest hits versions.

Thinking about it though, is there a system where the Greatest Hits labeling looks better then the original? Even trying to set aside my bias off the top of my head I can’t think of any.

Edit: This post may have been better suited for the thread just about Greatest hits games. Of course I saw that after I already responded here…