PS3, PSP, and PS Vita Store Shutdown Countdown and Recommendation Thread - Update: Shutdown Cancelled for Vita and PS3!

Of this list TxK and Oreshika 2 get my recommendations, they are digital only and the latter is one of the last games of its kind, a Japan Studio/Alfa System production and sequel to a cult PS1 RPG from Shouji Masuda (Yuusha Shisu, Linda Cube, Momotaro Densetsu, Metal Max)

Asides from House of the Dead 3/4 and Echochrome 2 mentioned up the thread, were there any good digital-only PS Move compatible games which were worth checking out? I haven’t got any Move controllers yet but I suspect one day in the future I’ll have some…

This and the PS4 info further down seems like a major concern of this as well.

Oreshika got a physical release (sold out now). I own a copy.

I sorta doubt this is true, try googling there’s very little source for this at all.

Verifying this would be a bit of a project and nobody would really care about the result. :frowning: To verify I think you’d need to:

  1. dns block PSN servers on your router (figure out what the hostnames for those are…)
  2. fully disassemble ps3 and remove cmos battery to force a dead battery scenario (ifixit rates this difficult)
  3. fully reassemble ps3
  4. update the time using NTP (update from internet) which is doable without sony’s servers fyi and is just a standard thing
  5. see if games still work

I guess there is this:

It’s real guys:

Once that battery is dead, you are screwed for digital purchases. You need to connect to a server to set it up again but the internet will be down for that so you can’t access downloaded games you even play offline! Sony has to fix this!!!

Assuming updating the time via internet doesnt just use the same ntp server as future sony consoles, and assuming it’s not possible to work around that via 5 different mechanisms I could come up with off the top of my head.

Well, we shouldn’t have to go through all of that just to play games offline so I don’t get why Sony would implement such a thing. The fact that they tied this to a cmos battery is pretty a random and odd thing to do. So basically it’s a ticking timebomb until someone can find a way to get around this.



Softmodding would be more than justified if Sony doesn’t fix this.


I’m pretty sure the redownload feature is not tied to the store in PS3 but it’s been a little while since I accessed it.

Also, there’s no Sony word on this yet, right? This is all just rumor and hearsay at the moment if I understand correctly?

Many sites are reporting it, but we are supposed to get news from Sony by the end of this month.

I can no longer access the old psn store.

Should have finished my shopping earlier.


Oh yeah, my bro got me House of the Dead 4 as well. I need to go through it before the servers shut down(if that were to happen).

Sort of. There’s a PSN service which let you queue downloads for your PS3 and Vita using the old web browser store, but that’s gone now. I guess we’ll have to see what Sony formally reveals, the best case situation we can hope for is they are just turning off the ability to purchase stuff. But they already did that with PSP a few years ago.

This will be bullshit if they shut down redownloads of purchased games. I just assumed they’d cut off buying new things but we’d still be able to get our Vita/PS3 games still.

Surely it will still be possible… Are you still able to redownload Wii stuff when that store went down?

wow even the Vita store? bummer

The Wii Shop Channel is still up for redownloading purchased games only, which is good.

I hope the PS3 Store stays open for redownloading content and activation at the very least since it can do that for all three platforms while also having the most storage space for keeping games around.


I’m pretty sure there is great fear from the major console makers of what sort of legal problems shutting down the download servers would cause them.

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I was gonna recommend Namco Museum Essentials because I just remembered it and the Xevious game exclusive to it (Xevious Ressurection) is actually quite unique and fun… but turns out it’s been delisted since 2018! Well fuck me.

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