PS3 / Xbox 360 Appreciation and Collecting Thread - Are They Retro Yet?


It isn’t about just having the stages, it is about the original Katamari being the perfect complete package. From overall art style to even the story itself. It is easy to overlook those kind of things (especially because of the “wacky” way they are presented) but all the games after the original two had a kind of “off” feel to the side stuff for me. As if they got the bits and pieces right but was missing out on something internal.

Like I can’t say they are my absolute favorite games but I do feel that the original two Katamaris are “perfect” games. Second being the perfect sequel to something that didn’t need a sequel. Unironically made as a love letter to the first game.

Or maybe I put too much thought into a series of games about rolling things up into a ball.


Anyone played Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day? I was meaning to import a copy forever, last a saw a few years ago it got down to £12, so it was a big surprise when I saw a copy in a Paris retro gaming store for €50! I found one in another store (still sealed) for €15 so I jumped on. But checking eBay now you can get it for as low as £7 buy now.

Anyway! I was happy with my find, one of the few PS3 games left on my wantlist. The game is written by Suda51, English version exclusive to the UK. I hear it’s pretty simple gameplay wise, but it comes with the anime as well, it just feels like a great deal all around. Keen to hear some impressions :slight_smile:


those twinsticks ! :Q


only have a few 360 shmups but wished I bought more CAVE stuff and annoyed EU didn’t get Otomedius or Raiden games… :confused:


Xbox Live also has Radiant Silvergun and quite a few more gems to find.


@Piggychan I’m still kinda bitter that we got teased for weeks (months?) about a Eurpean release of Raiden Fighters Aces, only to find out it was bs.
I never felt confident enough to import a 360 from Japan, back then, and now the average prices aren’t that tempting either. I still have Muchi Muchi Pork in my buylist, though.


Think of it this way: Katamari Forever is the biggest and bestest Katamari game because it has all the other Katamari games rolled up into it. Behold META Katamari! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, look, I just need a game that lets me play the role of a malevolent god who rolls everything and everyone into giant ball and light it on fire to create a star up in the sky. The story is just an excuse in my book. lol

Plus it looks great on an HDTV and has 5.1 sound with very good quality (way better than PS2 compression).


Oh I can understand that desire and it’s not a bad game or anything, I
do love it, it’s just that it’s not the same complete package that the
original games are for me. I am kinda obsessed with those games though.


My PS3 died and I can’t decide if I want to get another or if I want to just sell my games. The whole DLC/patch going offline at some point is really a turn off.


Sounds like modern gaming. I still love my physical games but it is a good reason to just switch to pc and digital only. I have confidence that the community will come up with solutions to servers going offline though.


My 60 GB launch model, after 10 years of service, has just gotten the YLOD. I am profoundly sad. However, I a may as well try to fix it! Anyone aware of any practical guides?


That sucks. She had a great run though. I have never heard of any permanent fixes, just bandaide solutions.


Fortunately there are very complete repositories of X360 patches out there, I assume the same for PS3, and you can patch games without PSN or Live. So that’s something!


Best of luck! My 60gb got the YLOD ages ago (Dead Space 2 was the game that killed it). I remember trying the hairdryer trick (running hot air into the back of the system to try to melt/reset the thermal paste. It didn’t work. I just wanted the thing to boot so I could get some of my saved games off the thing.


That was a sad day for me as well. Sony’s repair isn’t very reliable. You might be best to just a new slim. :frowning:


Thanks guys… yeah, it didn’t seem to me that there was anything particularly reliable about the solutions I saw online; basically just taking it apart and heating up the paste. Does Sony even provide official repair at this point? I’ll probably give it a shot myself, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll see if I can find a replacement out there. I’ve already got a Slim, so it’s far from urgent.

I just really loved that big ol’ battleship of a console.

Fortunately, I really don’t need the thing for backwards compatibility (I’ve got working NA and JP PS2s).


Looks like PS3 has been soft hacked again. I’m keen to get a new HDD and install all my games for reliability/convenience!


Wow, really?=O


Yeah but only for older units made before some point in 2011 so a lot of slims and all superslims are not able to do it.


Yeah, I modded mine last night. It was an easy process with the exception of one part where I had to retry about 10 times until it worked. Spent the whole night ripping my games. A 20gb disc takes about 50 minutes but the pain is worth it I think.

I have these done…

… but there are 70 more to go :frowning:

The best thing about this custom firmware though is that I can manually set the fan speed. So I crank it up to 50% and it’s around 40 degrees now (used to be 65).


With a few exceptions, the only disc games I have are games not available on PSN. I’d like to rip what I have but I guess I’ll wait for something that works on a SuperSlim.