PS3 / Xbox 360 Appreciation and Collecting Thread - Are They Retro Yet?


Any quick good guides?

The main guide seems to suggest setting up and FTP and I’m like I’d prefer not.


Mine is from 2009 funny enough, though the blu ray drive now acts weird!


I burned out my drive on hacked ps3 pretty quick ripping games(years ago). Be careful out there!


You don’t need to use FTP for the process of installing CFW. Using an FTP client is useful later to delete unwanted data (like the update folder most games have), installing some plugins and things like that. I’ll try to explain what everything does even though I’m new to this.

This is what I did:

The most important part of the process is knowing if your PS3 can be modded. There are a few steps for this.

  1. Check if your SKU is compatible (last 8 digits of your serial number):

  2. If you have a slim model, you need to check what firmware your PS3 originally came with. You can check it with this: MinVerChk . To use this, grab a pendrive, format it to FAT32 and create a PS3 folder (all caps). Inside that PS3 folder create another folder named UPDATE (all caps). Copy the PS3UPDAT.PUP from MinVerChk and put in inside the UPDATE folder.

  3. Insert the pendrive into the PS3 and go to settings–system update–update from pendrive. The program will run and tell you the original firmware it came with (it won’t install anything). If your system came with 3.56 or lower, you’re good to go, if not you’re out of luck.

After that and knowing it can be modded, you do this:

  1. Update the console normally to 4.82 (make sure it’s 4.82 in case Sony releases a new one).

  2. Grab the “NAND/NOR Writer for 4.82” from here. Inside that zip file there is a file called flsh.hex . Put that file in the root of the pendrive (remember it has to be formatted in FAT32).

  3. Insert the pendrive in the usb port that is closest to the eject button (far right on the slim).

  4. Go to your PS3 and to the web browser. Delete all cokies, history, everything. Now go to the settings and set the default page to BLANK.

  5. Now, depending on what SKU you have, you need one of these two pages (the site will tell you for what models it works): (Some Fat models only)
    or (Some Fat and Slim models)

  6. Go to the website on your PS3 browser and don’t click anything, just bookmark the site. So if you open the browser you should see a blank page and have one bookmark with the exploit site and nothing else.

  7. Here is the tricky part of this whole thing, the idea is to go from the XMB to the web broswer to the exploit site and execute the exploit from the button at the bottom. Wait a few minutes and the PS3 should turn off by itself.

That’s the idea but the problem is that it not always work. The console feezes and after 10 minutes I had to do a hard reboot. But if you keep trying it will eventually work. WAIT AT LEAST 10 MINUTES TO TURN IT OFF IF NOTHING HAPPENS. It took me around 10 tries until it worked.

Once the PS3 turned off by itself, turn it back on and you should now be ready to install a 4.82 custom firmware. There are plenty to choose. I think you can’t install REBUG from the get go since it’s a 4.81 firmware. I went with Ferrox just to have something installed. Once you have a custom firmware you can swap to whatever you want (I’m currently on REBUG).

The process of installing a custom firmware is the same as what I did with MinVerChk. You grab the custom firmware, rename it to PS3UPDAT.PUP and put it in the UPDATE folder of the pendrive and update the PS3 with the pendrive.

After all that, you’re on custom firmware. It’s all new from here.


Bought one of these HORI wired PS4 controllers for use on my PS3. They don’t say anywhere that they work on PS3, but they do; the PS button seems inoperable but otherwise everything seems to work fine.

Has a nice feel in hand, buttons feel really good, the grips on the back gives it just enough extra to not feel small.

At first I was a bit worried about the d-pad which is a bit mushy, but in use it has feels good and it’s not slipping to the wrong direction which is something I look for. Maybe not great for fighting games but that’s not something I care about.

The sticks on the other hand feel a bit awkward, it’s a bit like the classic controller on Wii where the position takes getting used to and with two sticks in use my thumbs can touch. Beyond that they aren’t rubber on top so I had to get used to some thumb slippage. I think this controller might be best in games that are d-pad focused.

Overall I’m pretty happy. Going to keep using this as my main PS3 controller for a while.


I’m getting a Wii Classic Controller vibe from this!


Just retired my rusty (but trusty) XBOX360 Slim - the glossy chassis started to show some unpleasant amount of wear - and replaced it with a late Slim E (Stingray). I’ve always read it felt cheap, compared to the previous models, but I actually quite like it. Very slick, compact and quiet. And for 70 euros brand new… Pretty good deal too.


I have two 360 S models at home now, mine is the shiny and metallic one, while the wife’s (which has literally been out of box once) is the matte look. Both are 250GB, I’m wondering which one to keep. The shiny one "looks"more right and unique to me, but the matte is a much more durable surface imo.


TeamMatte. :smile:
Seriously, that was my first model of choice, but I couldn’t find a decent deal on a brand new system in more than a week (and paying over 100 for a 360, now, starts to feel a bit silly to me). The glossy half of the Stingray doesn’t make me especially happy, but hey… I guess I’ll just use extra care.


I was actually thinking about picking up a slim instead of a OG XBOX because I already have component and vga cables for it. Does the slim still support some bc?


The 360 family supports these OG Xbox games:


Of course, all 360s do BC with OG Xbox games.


Sometimes features are cut towards the end of a hardware cycle. I was just checking


Yeah, that makes sense. Thankfully it didn’t pull a PS3.


Wow. Ok, I’ve pretty much never used back-compatibility - simply because I still play OG Xbox games on an actual Xbox - but the emulator seems all but well optimized, doesn’t it? 99% of the titles on that list suffers from severe to noticeable bugs. I remember trying DoA3 and Ultimate - ages ago - and, yeah, leaving not impressed at all. Massive improvements on the XOne’s front.


For all you Rez fans, Child of Eden is free this month for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Child of Eden can also be played on the Xbox One.


Is that a Kinect title, or can you play it fine without? 360 Kinect isn’t compatible with Xbox One Kinect, but I’m guessing this title doesn’t require it as it’s BC.


It’s playable with a controller.


What is the best way to buy stuff off PSN now for PS3? I’m such a noob at it. There are some enticing sales in their Holiday Sale and I only recently (last 6 months) upgraded to a larger HDD.

I bought a couple things way back before the hack but since have never had my CC info on their systems. Weren’t you essentially double taxed buying PSN cards in the past (tax on card and tax on redeeming credit)? Is that still the case?


Not sure about the taxing. I don’t recall that being the case, but maybe?

As for buying stuff now, I use Paypal. You can purchase through the web store at and I find that to be easier than using the PS3 store on the PS3 itself. I’ve bought a number of PSX games on there to play them on the PS3/PSP in the last year.