PS3 / Xbox 360 Appreciation and Collecting Thread - Are They Retro Yet?


PS3 controllers are the really difficult thing to find now used. Most are broken in some way. If anyone ever gets a decent price on a new one, snag it.


Going to ask here as it seems like a good place. Is Radiant Silvergun off the 360 store? I’ve been trying to buy it and it gives me an error every time. Anyone know what’s going on there?


Weird, it doesn’t even have a price. Are you trying on console? I’ve run into some issues with microsoft’s web store and found the console to be more reliable.


Yeah I tried on both the website and the console and they both just give me errors when trying to access its page even.


I think it was made Xbox One compatible. Do you have a One so that you can try to get it through there?


No, just a 360, but making it Xbox One compatible shouldn’t delist it from the 360 store.


I agree. I’ll have a look on the One and the 360 tonight if I can. I need to turn off the auto-renew on my Xbox Live Gold anyway. :roll_eyes:


I messaged the Xbox Live help shit on twitter and some one replied with a page to the marketplace that seems to work (though I can’t remember my Xbox Live Password) though it doesn’t say if its 360 or Xbox One. I suppose when I get home I’ll change my password on my 360 and try then.


I creeped your twitter and tried the link, yeah it works… I haven’t paid yet but everything else looks much more functional.


Its so weird, I tried on the 360 this morning while I was home, and no luck. I even went to Microsoft’s website this morning searched radiant silvergun, and clicking on it through up an error every time I tried to load it. No idea why this link is working. I figured out my password and trying to get it bought now. So weird.

And that worked! Also finally changed my gametag fucking 10 bucks to do so but fuck it.


I was very much not a fan of how this game looked on my display. Really feels like the artwork is designed around 240p.

It looks like they uprendered it to 720p native, but I think I would’ve preferred if they kept it low res and just upscaled it to 1080p instead.


I wanted to grab it because I know I’ll never own the actual Saturn release. I don’t know why I never did back when it came out, but since I’m back into full on shmup mode, I kind of needed to own a copy of this. I’ve only ever played the game like twice. Got to try out an acquaintances Saturn copy years ago, and it didn’t click with me then, but so many people praise it, I want to give it a proper chance.


It isn’t just uprendered, they also redrew the sprites at 720p quality but you can select “LOW-RES 1” and “MESH 1” to go back to the Saturn assets. But the real issue for me was that no matter what you do there is always a ripple effect on the vertical axis caused by non integer scaling which you cannot achieve with the given setting parameters, regardless of if you set the console to output 720p or 1080p.


Didn’t know there was that option, I’ll give it another shot after switching modes.


I am planning on putting a 360 in my cab. I was under the impression that the Model 2 collection on XBLA all ran in 4:3 when output is set to 640x480?


retro settings for RS on XB 360/1


They don’t when I use a SCART cable to an old CRT at least. Borders and all, but maybe I’m missing an option? Other games like Crazy Taxi, Doom, and Ikaruga work fine in 4:3.


So… with the recent announcement of shutdown of Warhawk, Twisted Metal and PlayStation All-Stars, how far are we from PS3 store shutdown? Will we have access to our Plus games when they stop offering new games on PS3 in Plus? Do any of you have a hard drive big enough to hold everything you own? I’m pretty sure I don’t.

Within the next couple years, it seems we’re going to confront the first really big store shutdown from Sony and Microsoft. We can only speculate for now, but this seems like a really big event approaching… get it wrong and gamers will be pissed off.


I had to upgrade my 500gb ps3 hard drive to a 1tb one to have more space but eventually I want to replace it with an SSD or SD card for better long term reliability. For now disk backups will have to do.


I think my PS3 is 500GB atm. I need to get in there and start managing downloads. I’m concerned that by next E3 there will be a date for the shutdown and it’ll come sooner than anyone wants it to.

I also need to use my remaining Wii Points before that’s dead and bring down all my stuff to the fridge.