PS3 / Xbox 360 Appreciation and Collecting Thread - Are They Retro Yet?


Nice, I didn’t know you could use Paypal. I’ll probably go that route. Thanks!


So a workmate is giving me a bunch of 360 games tomorrow and says she will leave them on my desk. I’m trying not to get too hype but I’m a sucker for freebies, and being in the midst of my retro setup, I’m feeling some nostalgia feelings for 360 already… Guess I’ll report back in the morning!


It’s not just a small part of me that is hoping that it is all sports and ubisoft games. :3


Well here’s the kicker… she says she will take the kid-friendly stuff out and leave me with the rest (since we have a lot of kids come into work and they could be given games to take home).

That will probably mean no sports games and no Spongebob… but could have other consequences!



I was disappointed that there wasn’t a 360 version I could find boxart for. :c


DOAX 2, Lollipop Chainsaw and BMX XXX lying on your desk, just as your boss walks in.


Or two copies of NARC.



Aside from freebies, now’s a really great time to buy up 360 games. There have been some really great sales on xbox live marketplace where you can get all kinds of games for $3-$10, NIB games on amazon are still very available and nobody wants them so they’re going for peanuts, and stupid people are liquidating their used games (in some cases in amazing condition) for almost nothing.

I bought up all the 360 Halo games, even though I’m not all that into shooters or the series, just cause I could get all of them together for $20. Got duplicates of most of my 360 JPRGs on XBL cause they were $3 each.


Bahaha… luckily she wouldn’t give them a second glance.

If there’s anything really racy… well I’m the first one to arrive at work so hopefully I can squirrel them away before anyone else arrives.

I’m so tired and not wanting to go in but at least I have something to look forward to today!

@poptart You’re so right about this being the time to collect. People are literally giving these games away and luckily, unlike Nintendo stuff here, MS and Sony stuff is abundant :slight_smile:


Also, if you love system link Halo like I do, now is the time to add an extra console and multiple copies of the Halo games to your library for times when you can get people together!

I’ve had a few Halo nights for my kids (teens) and they love it when we have three or four systems set up for both free for all and team games.


I agree. I have three Xboxes set up for local LAN. If you have the space and equipment playing Time Crisis 2 & 3 with linked PS2s is also a lot of fun.


Ended up with an early white Xbox 360 just with the power cord, and about 20 games, mostly CODs, Halos etc but it’s not a bad set for free!




(I love typing that for some reason)


Really good Back in my Play about the PS3 featuring John Linneman:

Couple interesting things I wasn’t aware of:

  1. There are different revisions of DualShock 3s of varying quality. The later ones with A1 or A2 at the end of the model number are made more cheaply and can sometimes have sync issues. I have an A1 that came with my SuperSlim that I haven’t had any issues with but it’s worth considering if you’re buying new controllers.

  2. PS3 hardware is already getting expensive. Good condition official controllers are getting hard to find for good prices and new ones are stupid price. Hardware used is going up in price as well (!) with GameStop recently increasing price of PS3 hardware across the board.

It’s probably a good time to get some hardware and software while it’s still relatively easy.


I’ve always wanted to try lollipop chainsaw. Seems like a fun romp


Yeah, it’s a decent game.


I’ll definitely have to give this a listen. I bought a super slim right before the PS4 launch. My launch-era console got the YOLD and they had a good deal on the GTA5 bundle at the time. I figured it would be good for longevity. It hasn’t seen much use in the last 3-4 years, except as a DVD player when my kids want to watch movies on the weekends.

I need to get a list of PS3 games to put on my radar. Right now the ones I’d like to get include some of those HD trilogies like Killzone, Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia.


The Prince of Persia HD Collection is pretty buggy so I’d recommend not getting that and just sticking to honestly any of the previous gen consoles.


Been meaning to pick up a super slim. I still have a CECHA01, but I want to preserve it as much as I can for BC purposes. The super slim will handle actual PS3 games for me.


Happy I got a backup slim since I know my main console’s days are numbers. Somehow my launch unit is still chugging along.

Think the normal slim is the best looking of the ps3s.