PS3 / Xbox 360 Appreciation and Collecting Thread - Are They Retro Yet?


I agree with the blacks. It’s the only console I own where I always have to adjust the in-game slider to get the brightness levels right. Apart from that though I’ve been lucky although I must also agree on the poor D-pad. That thing is awful. I use a Hori Joystick for all digitally controlled games though so it doesn’t bother me that much these days.
The biggest worry I have about the 360 is my HDD dieing. I know it will happen one day. Is there a SSD solution I wonder?


I believe you can use USB storage on any 360? So you could use one two 64 or 128GB thumb drives. Depending on how much software you have, that might work.


You can use USB sticks but they are limited to 32gb each and only up to two sticks. I actually already use two 32gb sticks on the 360 for the Xbox live stuff.


You can use up to 2tb with xbox 360. It’s just the windows formatter refuses to go above 32gb for fat32 so you need to use a different tool.

I currently have all my download games running off a 200gb microsd card in a tiny usb adapter.


Wait, you can run 360 games off a microsd card?=O


Wow, really? I never knew that. I have a class 10 64gb SD card sitting here doing nothing because it was too slow for 4k video recording. What formatting tool do you recommend?


This is news to me too. figured it was only modded consoles that could do that. This is a cheap fix to get a used hdd-less console and add an HDD to it.


I only had time to play the tutorial mode of Tokyo Jungle last night but it seems interesting. I wish you could rotate the camera though. I keep jumping trying to rotate the camera (jumping is the right analog stick). It’s super cheap for a disc version (basically a download key), with Fat Princess, Sound Shapes, and When Vikings Attack right now too. I haven’t checked them out yet.

Hot take: Resonance of Fate battle gameplay is the most impressive looking boring gameplay: make triangle, run, jump, scratch damage, direct (?) damage, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. I picked it up years ago after everyone on gaf kept going on about it. I still see it recommended frequently on era as well with the remaster out. It’s so boring.


Looks like Microsoft have updated the USB situation on the 360 without telling anyone. You can now use up to 2TB USB sticks and be able to use 2 of them. So that’s 4TB of. Storage. That’s well enough.


That’s awesome


They did this a few years ago. It didn’t really make a splash cause the XB1 was already out.


This makes it really easy to pick up a cheap late model console and not have to worry about the HDD size.

But at this point if I ever got another MS box I would just get the X for the killer BC options.


It’s nice for download games but a few things don’t work with usb storage.

Some games that have installs specifically check for the hard drive, mostly older stuff like the Oblivion expansion packs. You don’t get Xbox original backwards compatibility if you care about that.


it was a solid, elongated gen and please believe i am just waiting for when gamestop finally dumps their stock for both libraries - i got so many ps2 and GC greats for less than a dollar each yeas back when they did it last time