PSIO (Basically an Everdrive for a PS1) Early Impressions

What is the PSIO?

It’s a fpga drive replacement for the PS1 but instead of replacing your drive, it attaches to the IO port in most of the early to mid life model PS1 consoles. It requires a daughter board to be soldered to your console so that the IO port can be accessed and used as a development drive. You have to convert your cue files through a program so that the instructions are properly relayed to the device.

Does it make your disc drive unusable?

Nope, you can use both the PSIO or your original discs in the system. I don’t think you can rip your own games that way but at least you aren’t required to keep a backup PS1 around in the event the PSIO isn’t compatible with a treasured game in your collection.

Does it speed up load times?

I think it is possible it does but I think it might not go faster due to the way the PS1 works.

Does it sound right?

Firebrand X ranted about how something is off on his youtube video. I didn’t hear what he heard through my setup so it’s possible it does, its possible its not working right on his machine or its possible I can’t tell the difference & it’s also possible something else is causing that issue when he uses the PSIO that is not present when using the disc drive.


I was actually a little worried that I wouldn’t like it as much as I did. I was hoping that I still had the same love for the PS1 I did nearly 20 years ago. Well, I couldn’t be more happy. I had this grin from ear to ear last night as I went from game to game to game. I was totally blown away with how quiet the system is, how quickly it loads and just how much I really like ROM carts and drive replacements.

The PSIO requires you to solder a daughter board onto your PS1 and honestly, it was above my skill level to even consider it. I just sent it to ben @ifixretro to do the mod. He replaced my mod chip and gave me a new disc drive as mine was failing. That was almost a year ago and I was worried the mod wasn’t done right. I didn’t have to worry because i had it up and running in no time.

The PSIO was a little tricky to set up. You have to put the firmware on the machine and then delete it and then put the SD card back in. I figured it out after maybe 10 minutes of messing with the thing.

Once it was all set up, it worked just like an everdrive. pick the file and you can choose to load it or to launch the game. Another neat thing is they let you choose between the regions and use the japanese playstation chime instead of the 94 US (maybe europe) chime.

Packaging kind of blew me away in that it looked like a real commercial product over a hobbyist project.


It worked!!

Feel free to ask any questions. I really think it was worth the wait. I will probably play it as much if not more than my SNES in the coming weeks.


Jealous! I managed to get a gdemu and a Rhea as they go up but I constantly miss the psio ! I wish they would mass produce these !

I am jealous of the GDEMU & Saturn Phoebe/Rhea devices.

Someone mass produces the GDEMU at least. Kind of don’t blame them either. It legit sucks.

Well to be fair that’s an unnoficial clone

Yeah, but if he decided to partner with someone, at least some of that money could have come to him. Not saying that the knock off wouldn’t have happened but I think the will to do the knock-off was more spawned by the supply and demand of that thing. I feel really bad that happened to him but I don’t blame those who did it either.

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Haven’t looked into this for a long time but am very interested. Did it end up with 100% compatibility? Guess I could just google about it or check it’s site…

Also, I really like the clean look of that menu.

Aren’t the USB-GDROM devices better anyway?

Harmful Park beaten on PSIO. That was the first game I beat start to finish. I’m really glad I got this thing.

It’s ‘in stock’ for pre-order for ~March 2019 shipping right now:

@Kawika What monitor is that in the OP?


Thank you ! Bought !

PVM20L5. This was my white whale for many a year. I had a BVM20F1U and traded someone for this one. I eventually got a BKM-129x and now I have 2 RGB inputs. I love this monitor so much. Scan lines are really thick and 480p looks great on it. I have 2 other PVMs that are my backups.

Thank you for the heads up. Also bought! Had my eye on this for a long time but they’re always out of stock. Have no problem waiting a little longer til it arrives.

Purchased! I don’t really like how it sticks out of the console so I’m hoping they follow through with their ‘possible’ plan of doing an internal version, would definitely purchase another for the cute little PSOne I have.

I believe using one on the PSOne is technically possible already, but you have to hunt down every pin to their original chipset IO. You’d have a mess of 68 wires going everywhere on the board, and a PSIO board that likely doesn’t fit inside the PSOne shell.

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Yeah, the FAQ mentions about 40 wires if they were to produce a ‘special version’, that’s a piece of cake, right? lol I would want it to fit inside and I’d even be okay with taking out the drive to make it happen.

I like the PSone, but not that much… Haha

I’d just spend the $30 and get a PS1 to use with it.


I contacted Stoneagegamer about a PSIO restock and he anticipates April or May.

I bought it this christmas, but I can’t install the switch biard for my life. Fuck.