Cheat device for PS1 games on PS2 Slim?

I’m really glad I made that Layer Section thread. There are so many cool games to discover.

Specifically, I’m interested in picking The Raiden Project on PS1. From what I’m reading, however, you need a cheat device to access Tate mode with proper controls in the North American version.

If I’m playing on a PS2 Slim, what cheat device would I need? I do have a PS1 in storage with a Gameshark (the one that goes into the parallel port in back), but the laser is finicky and would prefer avoiding adding another console to my already monstrous setup - especially one that is on its last legs.

So is it possible to run cheat codes for PS1 games on a PS2 slim?

I did a quick Google on the PS2 Action Replay and PSX games and it doesn’t seem to work. I think you’ll have a problem with that.

How about picking up an el cheapo OG PlayStation to replace your failing laser system? I realize it adds another console to the monster, but given you already have the right cheat device that seems easiest?

The Raiden Project is great without TATE mode, btw. I wish I had never traded in my launch day copy of the game. I loved it. I was dumb. I’ll repurchase that sometime.

At this point, adding yet another system to my setup would be a very cumbersome endeavor. I’d need another SCART switch or SCART to BNC converter, and also need to somehow squeeze it into a cabinet where nearly every inch is already taken up by hardware. It’s too cost and sanity prohibitive.

(which, knowing me, means i’ll probably try to do it).

IIRC, you only need to do the cheat once and it saves to the memory card. You then load up the save in-game to activate tate. You should be able to use one of the disc-based cheat discs without needing a physical game shark or whatever.

Nice. If that’s the case, I’ll perform the cheat on my old console then put it back in storage.