WTB: low-mileage SCPH-7501 PS1 (US)

looking for a 7501 model PS1 in good cosmetic shape, no modchip. all i really need is a power cable, so long as it’s confirmed working.

since i really want to lower the workload on aging PS2s, i’d like to get a PS1 with known low usage. ideally a spare, or project machine that’s been sitting around unused for a while.

that’s a pretty specific request, but figured i might as well check with other collectors who know where their stuff came from before i start playing ebay roulette.

Just curious, why a 7501 specifically? Are you looking for a specific board revision?

750x happens to hit an arbitrary sweet spot of having later hardware modernizations while being built before cost-cutting measures trimmed out extras like the parallel and serial ports.

there’s nothing magical about it and it’s not hard to find, i’d just like to see if anybody’s got one without a lot of wear and tear. no bubblegum in the disc tray or quarters in the card slots :V