PSone Classic - Smaller = Better


I agree, I thought wipeout was a given along with parappa the rapper.

I’m going to pass on this.


It seems like they avoided almost every game with a remaster.


Very odd.

IMO PS1 big hitters/famous/key games were:

Mortal Kombat 3 (very early)
Gran Turrismo 1/2
Resident Evil 2
Crash Bandicoot 1/2/3
Tomb Raider 1/2
Wipeout 2/3
Tony Hawk 1/2
Spyro 1/2/3
Final Fantasy 7/8
Tekken 3
Ridge Racer 1/2/4
Twisted Metal 2
Silent Hill
Sports games like Fifa/Madden

Of those this has… FF7, MGS, Tekken 3… the wrong RE, wrong TM, and many key items missing.

It was always going to be hard for Sony to do. The best thing about the PS1 was the breadth of software, not the top hits. But they haven’t got many here. Also doesn’t look like it’s set up as a ‘pre Dual Shock’ era either since it has MGS and other later games.


I decided to collate the 1P/2P info myself

  • Battle Arena Toshinden (2P, same screen)
  • Cool Boarders 2 (2P, split screen)
  • Destruction Derby (1P)
  • Final Fantasy VII (1P)
  • Grand Theft Auto (1P)
  • Intelligent Qube [aka IQ, aka Kurushi] (2P, take turns)
  • Jumping Flash! (1P)
  • Metal Gear Solid (1P)
  • Mr Driller (1P)
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee (2P, take turns)
  • Rayman (1P)
  • Resident Evil Director’s Cut (1P)
  • Revelations: Persona (1P)
  • Ridge Racer Type 4 (2P, split screen)
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (2P, split screen)
  • Syphon Filter (1P)
  • Tekken 3 (2P, same screen)
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six (1P)
  • Twisted Metal (2P, split screen)
  • Wild Arms (1P)


If you don’t like 3d fighters then you REALLY wont like this one!


lol at Rainbow Six when Japan get Gradius Gaiden! Interested to see what the lag will be and how video output is handled. People hacking this will be a safe bet, right?


The issue here will be storage space and how they are handling it. Are they using some sort of scrubbing or compression ? Will we have any extra room ? I’m okay with deleting most of these to add others lol.

I’m still going to keep my preorder with the hopes that it gets hacked wide open.


The only explanation I can think of for it’s exclusion is the music licensing getting in the way.


PSN already has a version with adjusted soundtrack.


Damn, no excuse then!


Yeah, I don’t know. There are some surprises there and a bunch of quality but for some reason it seems lacking.

Hope it’s easily jailbroken is all I can say.


That’s something I hadn’t thought about, since these are CD based games they’ll need a fair bit of space. Interested to see if they cut corners and compress soundtracks.

A lot of these games I played at launch and whilst there’s a little nostalgia towards them I’d have picked something entirely different, some haven’t aged well at all.


It’s an innovative first-person 3D platformer that predates Mario 64.

It’s one I’ve been meaning to play for a while now. It has a very big cult following.


If they’re using three same technology as PSN classics then they’re equivalent to scrubbed+ compressed+cleaned (removing any dummy data historically used to improve CD read speeds by forcing data into the outer/faster rotating part of the disc).

You’d be surprised how small some of these games are after that. Even with compressed CD audio tracks.


I really enjoyed this game, somehow never got around to playing the sequel.


Jumping Flash is a great game, played a lot of it and JF2 back in the day.

The list is strange to me, because it really has so many “middle of the road” games paired with stone cold classics. My top 2 favourite games of all time are on it (MGS and FF7), but you’ve also got Demolition Derby there, very strange.

Wild Arms is a great RPG though, and Intelligent Qube is a fun puzzler that certainly reminds me of the early days of PS1. Considering they put some sequels on there (CoolBoarders 2), I’m really surprised they opted for the original twisted Metal over the vastly superior followup.

The most glaring first party omission, in my opinion, is Jet Moto. When you’re looking at early PS1 games that helped popularize the system, this series comes to mind. There’s probably issues with licensing though, I seem to remember Moutain Dew being everywhere in that game.

Third party has a ton of omissions. Some glaring heavy hitters would be Mega Man Legends, Parasite Eve, Spyro, Breath of Fire 3, just to name some big titles.


Japan has a different list. I like it more


Wow… how do you have a PlayStation Classic and not have Gran Turismo in there, or Wipeout? I mean, PSX is definitely heavy on great racing or racing-styled games, but still. Parappa is a huge omission too as a first party title.

I guess you can probably chalk a lot of it up to licensing of some kind and inability to reacquire what’s needed to sell some of these games again? Why no Warhawk though? Again… early classic title. Why not another “RPG” like Vagrant Story? Surely S-E would have put that on there?

This makes it rather easy to skip. Most of the included games are not valuable in disc form either which was an obvious selling point of the SNES Classic as you would pay a lot more than $90 to acquire all those discs. You could probably get a used PSX and all these games for around $100 anyway save Persona.

The value proposition is low.


The list gamelist for easy reading:

-Arc the Lad
-Arc the Lad 2
-Armored Core
-Ridge Racer Type 4
-Intelligent Qube
-Gradius Gaiden
-SaGa Frontier
-G Darius
-Jumping Flash
-Super Puzzle Fighter IIX
-Tekken 3
-Biohazard Director’s Cut
-Parasite Eve
-Final Fantasy VII International
-Mr. Driller
-Metal Gear Solid
-Wild Arms

I think this is an objectively better game list and it is probably the first time I’ve felt that way about one of these things. Normally each side has it’s appeal but the JP games just appeal more to me.

There are so many amazing games that it is hard as shit to have had any kind of good coverage. The way Capcom is selling Mega Mans I’m not surprised at the lack of any of them, MMX4 really belongs on this. Breath of Fire 3 would have been great as well. Looks like Parasite Eve wasn’t overlooked, though if you want to import. :3


I think an officially translated Tobal 2 would’ve been cool “exclusive” for the non-JP Classic release.

Tony Hawk, Mega Man Legends, Tomba, Jet Moto & SOTN all would’ve also have been very welcome. I’m happy with the line up though.

Mr. Driller is in my top 3 GOAT puzzle games.