PSone Classic - Smaller = Better


Yeah, Tobal 2 never making it to the US is a crime.


Also see the X68000 predecessor to Jumping Flash, video further up the thread:

I sound like a complete snob saying this, but this list of games feels like it was decided by a bunch of people with little connection to the PlayStation and what it meant at the time. Too much red tape maybe, or not enough soul.


Rayman and Rainbow Six seem like throwing a bone to UbiSoft. They probably begged to have their games on here to help establish retro cred. Rayman makes sense as a launch title, but R6 is really not going to have aged well, nor will BAT.


This made me :joy:


Yeah, this is a disappointing collection for me and makes for an easy thing to skip. More budget available for other retro stuff I guess…


I think the line up is great and so is the Japanese import! I laughed at Toshinden, I remember a Game Players mag w it on the cover calling it “the best brawler ever”. Kinda strange to see a couple in-gen sequels, otherwise it’s lots of the early hyped exclusive titles (in my mind). Should be a cool/cute device.

I’d buy a Dual Shock version too with different games because I’m nostalgic and kind of a sucker and I love cute things!


Not having Crash or Spyro is understandable with the recent remakes and Turismo for licensing reasons, but at least put Tag Team Racing in there. Also no Medievil 1 or 2, Wipeout, Tomb Raider, Soul Blade, Driver, Silent Hill, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 all scream playstation. My feeling on this tipped from meh, to nope.


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in console form vibes.


Oh holy crap that is totally what it is.


I’m only keeping my order for the off chance it has decent video output and I can load my own isos via hack. I have a good return window at Best buy so it’s a no risk. As far as being remotely interested in this product. It’s a hard pass based on the default content.


It’s not a bad list of games per se, but it’s hard not to be surprised by some of the inclusions/omissions.

My main disappointment is due to the lack of love for Polyphony Digital… I think Omega Boost would have been a great choice, as it’s a great game and it would stand out from the other games on the list. Also, choosing Destruction Derby (no offence) over one of the Gran Turismo games?

Also, no Wipeout? Maybe music licensing killed that prospect…

All in all, not a terrible list of games, but it’s hard for me to get excited for this thing… Seems most of you guys agree…

Now the real question is : How much memory is included on this thing? :wink:


Pretty disappointing. I was never as interested in this as the SNES Classic and this just confirmed it. Hard pass.


okay so i’m bummed no lammy, vib ribbon, incredible crisis, herc’s adventures, gunner’s heaven and lots of stuff most wouldn’t have cared about, but here goes

  • Battle Arena Toshinden - haha i remember when next generation magazine had to pretend this was exciting
  • Cool Boarders 2 - don’t know that i played it but before SSX tricky i recall hearing good things about cool boarders
  • Destruction Derby - dunno
  • Final Fantasy VII - this was a given
  • Grand Theft Auto - i thought this was fun in the day, havent played since…could be alright
  • Intelligent Qube - this was a cool choice honestly
  • Jumping Flash - one of the better early titles, we’ll see how it holds up!
  • Metal Gear Solid - another given
  • Mr Driller - this is a fun one, glad to see it here
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee - this is one of those i thought they would’ve forgotten about like blasto. it’s cool
  • Rayman - nice
  • Resident Evil Director’s Cut - another given
  • Revelations: Persona - it’s not gonna hold up for most people, but it’s cool to see it here (especially given the price it commands)
  • Ridge Racer Type 4 - some folks will be happy with this
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo - i adore this game and am pleased
  • Syphon Filter - on the cusp of being a given? it was a hit back then
  • Tekken 3 - this was a standout game in the series, and even then i recall thinking we’d really started closing the gap with arcades
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six - again, some will be happy here
  • Twisted Metal - another given, cool though
  • Wild Arms - this was an entirely forgettable RPG for me, but the crowd that still cares about stuff like legend of dragoon (or legaia) will be pleased
    shame we can’t mention suikoden anymore, 1 & 2 were some of the finest on the system


If anything, the confirmed list will result in me revisiting Tekken 3 Force Mode (mmm chicken).


wonder if it’ll have the dinosaur gon, though - wasn’t he licensed?


I reckon this will have as little storage as possible.

Trying to find official stripped sizes of the games:

11 of 20, total size 4GB

Kurishi Final (close but not correct), 320MB
Twisted Metal 2 would be 435MB

WipEout 2097 would be 92MB
WipEout XL would be 76MB (different soundtrack)


Yeah, introduced in manga.

Completely (thankfully? lol) forgot about this part:
In Tekken 3, Gon is fireproof, has the ability to spit fireballs and use toxic farts.


I think we have a winner, perhaps the need to minimise flash storage has resulted in some of these odd choices?

Twisted Metal 2 would likely be around 435MB
Twised Metal, on the other hand, 67MB


You may be on to something there @matt, that could explain some of those choices. It would make sense for them to plan games based on a target memory size.

Hopefully the memory doesn’t end up being too small to add more games ala NES/SNES Classics…

I look forward for review units to start trickling out! :slight_smile:


Looks like impressions are coming in. I’ll let the link for this one do the talking: