Pulstar confirmed for Switch

Pulstar for Neo Geo confirmed by Hamster for Switch ACA.

I wonder if there will be difficulty options…

I usually just restart if I get hit. I know I’m not making it much further without any power ups.

Pulstar is now up on the Japanese e-shop, 823 yen.

Yea, I’m really not a fan of Shmups that have checkpoints rather than just respawn you and keep things going. It makes for a far more frustrating experience.

I’m definitely not a fan of checkpoints either but it’s a gritty R-TYPE clone and sometimes that kind of stuff just comes with the territory. It’s still a fun game (destroying stuff with the charge attack in this game is so satisfying for some reason, maybe it’s the chunky rendered explosions) and I’m glad I can access it officially now without having to fire up my PSP Neo Geo CD emulator or spend a lot of money on the cart or CD. Game looks and sounds great on the Switch too.

it’s a pretty good game and I bought the switch version, but the worse of the two R-Type ripoffs on the NeoGeo imo. A lot of the Donkey Kong Country sprites don’t look so hot today, the game is not balanced so that recovery at most checkpoints is viable, the implemntation of the force pod ripoff is very shallow and the control scheme make it too easy to acidentally blow it up when it would have made more sense to map that function to the two unused buttons, and some parts really drag (stage 3 boss).

You got to the stage 3 boss? Impressive.

This game pisses me off, but I’m slowly working my way through it. I can get to the stage 2 boss every other run at this point. I should look into the actual mechanics of the game though.

I only just found that if I hit the A button quicker than humanly possible for longer than humanly possible, there’s secondary firing.

The C pickup speeds up your firing rate.